Product Design Sprint

Design Sprint is a five-phase process that uses design thinking to prototype, and test ideas quickly in a matter of days. Get ready for the product definition and development stages. The quick path to digital transformation.

What is a Design Sprint?

what is a design sprint?

Product Design Sprints are a framework for teams of any size to solve and test design problems in short time periods (days or weeks). Design sprints were made popular by Google but are used by startups and companies of any size to align stakeholders and quickly bring ideas to life.

How Does It Work?

Benefits of a Product Design Sprint

Gets all key stakeholders aligned with the actual problem to solve.

Stakeholders alignment

Increases collaboration between different areas of the organization in order to reach a creative solution.

Stakeholders alignment

Forces consensus by getting everyone on the mindset of delivering something by the end of the sprint.

Stakeholders alignment

It adapts to the needs of the organization. Sprints are a flexible framework depending on the complexity of the problem or scope sizes.

Stakeholders alignment

It increases the chance to build something that adds real value to the users and the business.

Stakeholders alignment

What Happens During a Sprint?

what is a design sprint?

Pre-Sprint Discovery and Research

Design Sprint Execution

Post-Sprint Synthesis

The design sprint is comprised by five phases specifically designed to reduce politics, increase collaboration across functions and put the focus on answers and not just assets.

What Gets Delivered During the Sprint?

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