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Why is Nearshoring more Cost Competitive

Compare costs of building an Onshore team in the US vs hiring a Nearshore+ team with iTexico

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Dynamic, evolving, and scalable backend teams transforming your business products.

Because of its ability to interoperate across various programming languages and its extensive API set, .NET development helps you create custom business solutions for your specific needs. Our backend team makes sure you have all languages covered to expand the possibilities of development in different Windows environments such as C#, ASP .NET, VB .NET, WinForms, MVC and many others.



How We Do It


Nearshore+ is a unique delivery approach designed to integrate with your team’s specific capacity, culture, competencies, skills, and quality requirements. The teams can collaborate virtually, at your site, or at one of our delivery centers.

While Nearshore Outsourcing offers more advantages to US companies than Offshore Outsourcing, there is something that's even better and that's a Nearshore Software Development Team in Mexico; we call it Nearshore+. Having a development team in Mexico gives your company additional benefits, such as shorter travel time and more cultural alignment between you and your extended team, plus the protection of your Intellectual Property through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).


Our Methodologies



Backend Teams work closely with the multidisciplinary areas, exercising the daily stand-up meetings and involving the full software development cycle.


We at iTexico, follow lean principles to make our software development process the most efficient.


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