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Extended Teams As a Service

If your company is looking to innovate, we can work with you to make it something  truly outstanding. We can help you to build custom extended teams to ramp up and down with each new initiative designed to enhance and improve strategic growth. 

iTexico’s Nearshore Software Development extended teams can activate your product or software stack on a variety of platforms — taking advantage of the latest. To ensure your mission-critical project is adaptable to whatever environment you prefer.

From Microsoft technologies to AWS and DevOps practices, among others, having an extended development team in Mexico gives your company additional benefits, such as shorter travel time and more cultural alignment between you and your extended team plus the protection of your Intellectual Property through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Take a look at this Comparative chart between Nearshore vs. offshore outsourcing

Software Development

 Mobile Development Teams

iTexico has built an IT services engine powered by the talent in Mexico. Recognized as a Top Software Development Outsourcing Company

  • Nearshore Plus Model.
  • Focus On Customer Service.

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Nearshore software outsourcing company

Mobile Services -The User Comes First

Mobile Innovation Studio® is a mobile development service available for your enertprise that focuses on thinking about the individual behind the device.

Enterprise Experience

iTexico as the nearshore development center has provided nearshore staffing to enterprises and mid-growth companies to develop software and increase engineering capacity.

iTexico is an Austin based nearshore technology company that provides extended teams for your innovation strategy.
Seasoned experts and SME's constitute the development teams in Mexico with architecture, design, mobile and web development, testing, and quality assurance experience.

Business that Choose to Partner with a Skilled, Nearshore Plus Software Development Company Better Tackle their Business Imperatives.


AI Innovation

 AI Innovation

Every day new uses and applications of Artificial Intelligence are developed. Explore the best AI dev opportunity

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Quality Assurance and Testing

 Quality Assurance and Testing services

A continuous improvement approach to testing and quality assurance that ensures your project is delivered precisely to spec.

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quality assurance and testing services

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