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We help companies innovate, bring products and services to market faster with multidisciplinary application nearshore development teams customized to your growth imperatives.


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Innovation is accelerating in the United States at a faster rate than talent can be developed, creating the need for tech companies to seek out foreign talent and alternative, up-to-date solutions.

If your company is looking to innovate, we can work with you to make it something that is truly outstanding. We can help you to build IT teams to ramp up and down with each new initiative designed to enhance and improve strategic growth.

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iTexico’s development team can activate your product or software stack on a variety of platforms — taking advantage of the latest technologies to ensure your mission-critical project is adaptable to whatever environment you prefer.


In the cloud is where we find some of the most exciting technologies of the day. Why not use those technologies to create new and better apps? We do. Are you ready to embrace technology in the cloud?


Modern business moves fast! To win, you must be lean and agile in your technology and practices! To stay competitive the modern business must adopt technologies that allow for rapid development, constant iteration, maximum efficiency and more.


Mobility has redefined how internet users interact online. The key to reaching your audience in the mobile age is to utilize the latest mobile technologies that meet them where they are, whenever they are ready to be met.

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