Nearshore Outsourcing?


Nearshore Outsourcing works just like offshoring except that your business pairs with workers in similar time zones, which makes communication much more of a breeze. Even onsite visits can happen faster and more frequently. Plus, compared to onshore outsourcing, nearshore still offers some cost savings.

Nearshore in Mexico is a delivery approach designed to integrate with your team’s specific capacity, culture, competencies, skills, and quality requirements.

iTexico is the pioneer of a unique NearshorePLUS model which works similar to offshoring – but without the high cost and culture clash. With NearshorePLUS, businesses work with software engineering teams in a country that shares the same border, offering the perks of geographical proximity, cultural affinity, speed to market, and cost efficiencies.

While Nearshore Outsourcing offers more advantages to US companies than Offshore Outsourcing, there is something that's even better and that's a Nearshore Software Development Team in Mexico. Visit the iTexico Blog to learn more about Onshore, Offshore and Nearshore


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