Nearshore IT Services: How Do We Staff?

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IT Solutions: The Right Talent

At iTexico, we deliver software development teams based in Mexico through our Nearshore Plus model. Our IT staffing process begins with a formula to find the right talent and build the teams that will help you achieve your business goals.

The right talent must have a combination of soft skills (communication, ability to work in a team, problem-solving, leadership, and strong work ethic) technical qualifications, and be a great fit for the iTexico culture as well as our customers' project needs.
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Talent Acquisition Process

To successfully leverage Mexico IT talent for your project, we carefully and thoughtfully source the best talent available to meet your needs. We then screen them to get an understanding of their skillset. Successful candidates move on to an internal tech interview to evaluate their expertise.
Once candidates are successfully vetted, we are confident they will be the best choice for your challenge. At iTexico, we make sure that the talent we provide will put your business leagues above your competition.

Team Staffing Process

We know that you have plenty of experience in building and managing an engineering team. What we offer is a way to reliably scale those teams using Nearshore+ solutions, extending your development capabilities by seamlessly integrating into your team so you can remain focused on deliverables. Choose the best way to outsource staffing with iTexico.

What To Expect?

    We start by understanding your preferred tools and tech stack, as well as your journey and needs. This is key to crafting a core team, whether it be for a single project or continuous development support, and we're always ready to help guide where needed.


    We like to recommend for discovery to happen face-to-face (whether we come to you, or you to us), in order to better interact with key stakeholders, understand needs, and allow for quick and open communication that will be pivotal to gaining insight on how we can best help you.


    By clearly defining roles in the project, such as the Delivery Owner (based on our internal RACI matrix) and the Client Stakeholders, we can determine the leadership structure that will allow us to best integrate the team and synergize most efficiently.


    If we don't have team members readily available for a specific technology, we begin the hiring process (avg. 30 days) to find the Right Talent at the Right Time. We encourage our partners to be as involved as they would like throughout this activity, to help us continue to meet standards and expand our areas of expertise.

Training Efforts

At iTexico, we want to ensure that the talent you work with is always up-to-date with the latest processes and tech in the industry. To achieve a high level of expertise and ensure reliable services, our training efforts include English and communication seminars, training hours and a number of other certifications.

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