Ethics & Compliance

We are committed to corporate responsibility and integrity. Doing the right thing, the right way.

Improving Nearshore culture and values are clearly explained through our Code of Ethics: Customer Service, Communication, Professionalism, Adaptability, Initiative, and Team Work. These core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what a company values most. They are the essence of our company's identity – the principles, beliefs of or philosophy of values. And also part of our decision-making processes in all areas of business.

By being compliant, we act in accordance with the law, our Code of Ethics and our corporate policies. Improving Nearshore commitment to corporate responsibility guides everything we do as a company.

Improving’s commitment to building and maintaining a culture of trust and ethics is supported by our iTexicans, clients, business partners, and service providers, letting us know if they are aware of, or have a concern about, compliance with the law or our Code of Ethics.

We encourage our employees, clients, providers, stakeholders and the general public to submit suggestions, inquiries and/or report alleged ethics or compliance violations through our formal complaint submission form. You can expect that your report will be treated seriously, fairly, and promptly.

Please keep in mind that your decision to elect anonymity may limit our ability to conduct an inquiry, if one is warranted, or to appropriately address your issue. In the event we need additional information or clarification, please consider providing your name and/or contact information to allow for follow-up contact if needed.

At Improving we prohibit retaliation. Improvers, clients, business partners, and service providers will not suffer retaliation for raising a concern about potential misconduct in good faith, or for cooperating with an investigation.

If you want to send a complaint, please send an email with your name, description of the facts, including date and place to the following email:

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In Improving, our integrity is not negotiable under any terms, and we do not tolerate bribes of any kind.

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Conflict of interest

We avoid situations in the which loyalties can be divided between the interests of our company and our own, or those of any person outside the company.

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Improving is a culturally diverse company. We respect personal dignity, privacy and rights of each employee, and are committed to maintaining a workplace in which there is no discrimination or harassment of any kind.

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Improving will not tolerate retaliation against any person. A penalty cannot be imposed to any employee for filing a complaint/concern or take part in an investigation.

Let's Work Together

Improving is helping start-up, growth, mid-market and enterprise companies innovate their business with solutions for Mobile, Web, Cloud and AI. We do this by providing end-to-end software development services in a Nearshore+ delivery model.

Our combination of amazing talent, lower costs, real-time collaboration, and close teaming proximity makes us an attractive innovation partner to our clients.

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