How We Get to Awesomeness

We at iTexico follow Agile principles because we want to provide our customers the opportunity to assess the direction of their software product throughout the development lifecycle.

Lean methodologies Software development


We at iTexico follow lean principles to make our software development process as efficient as possible.

  • We eliminate the waste

    We eliminate everything that is not adding value to your project. No matter whether it is unnecessary codes or unnecessary process repetitions, we identify the waste and eliminate it.

  • We generate visibility

    We believe it is crucial for everyone involved to know what’s going on. We visualize the flow of the work process and encourage communication between our team and customers so that problems or misunderstandings can be solved right when they appear.

  • Optimize the whole

    Software development consists of many big and small tasks. Instead of merely optimizing each part by itself and hoping that the rest will magically tune itself, we keep track of the whole picture and make sure that all parts interact flawlessly.

  • We amplify learning

    We believe that the best software development process requires continuous learning and adjusting. We don’t wait for defects to accumulate. Instead, we run tests throughout the development process so that we can resolve deficiencies when they happen and thereby prevent them from causing more disruptions.

  • We don't make rushed decisions

    Sometimes you don’t exactly know what you want until it’s later in the game. We believe that better results are achieved when decisions are made based on facts and not assumptions and that it’s better to remain flexible until the end of the software development process.

  • We deliver as fast as possible

    Shorter cycle times lead to higher quality. We fix bugs when they happen and thereby reduce the cycle time, as a part of lean principles.

  • We empower our team

    We work as a team and believe in the talent of our team members. Through our thorough recruitment process, we find the best talent, and we let them do what they do best. Instead of micromanaging our team, we believe that delegation allows us to create a better product in less time.

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