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Why is Nearshoring more Cost Competitive

Compare costs of building an Onshore team in the US vs hiring a Nearshore+ team with iTexico

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How We Do It

The key to reaching your audience in the mobile age is to utilize the latest mobile technologies that meet them where they are, whenever they are ready to be met.

No matter whether it is your first app or your current one that needs updating, we make sure that your users will have the best experience they deserve. We place your users at the center of your mobile app.


End to End Mobile Development Lifecycle


At iTexico, we believe that the best Applications are the ones that exceed the expectations of your users. To reach this goal, we begin with understanding your unique requirements and how you expect your customers to use the app. Then we use world-class processes and talent to drive world-class mobile development that fit your needs, meet your budget and are delivered on time.

Mobile Development Lifecycle




Explore Our Success Stories

Explore our Success Stories



Our Expertise

Our Customers

We have provided software development services to more than 150 start-up, growth, mid-market and enterprise companies from requirements definition to design, development, QA launch, and maintenance.



What Our Clients Say

Genesis Path


They've got a great team of talented people.

"iTexico continues to enable the business to thrive and deliver high quality technology and business projects that meet a range of client needs. Organized, professional, and talented in their field, their team is great to work with and highly recommended."

Media Shift

VP Engineering

I found value that I hadn't expected

"The design team and frontend development team are excellent and can handle user interface/user experience work, basic applications, and low-volume data with ease." 

IT Consulting Firm

CEO, IT Consulting Firm

I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be part of our team.

"Since iTexico joined the internal team, third-party clients reported increased satisfaction due to improved responsiveness and rapid problem-solving. Their collaborative focus, attentive project management, and flexible workflow continue to boost efficiency." 

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