Essentium and the Future of 3D Printing

Essentium and the Future of 3D Printing

Meet the company that is bridging the gap between machining and 3D printing

Austin, TX, Nov 28th, 2019 - 3D printing, as a commodity in of itself, is a relatively new technology, as we all know. Like smartphones, it falls into a particular, unofficial category of technological innovation that encapsulates an idealized futurism; that is to say, it captures the fascination of Golden Age science-fiction. A smartphone is capable of accessing the entire world’s worth of information and more while being able to fit in your pocket. 3D printing  creates complex shapes and instruments with nothing but a blueprint, some plastic, and data.

Essentially, there are technologies that represent the boundless potential and possibilities that humanity can hope to achieve if applied correctly. 3D printing, arguable, fits that definition. But where exactly does the future of 3D printing lead?

Let’s talk about Essentium. Essentium is an industrial 3D printing solutions provider headquartered in Texas. Utilizing the potential of 3D printing, they have basically begun redefining and disrupting traditional manufacturing processes. They innovate both materials and production platforms by bringing strength and production speed together, at scale, with a no-compromise engineering material set.

What makes Essentium special? Traditionally, if you want a provided service, you’ll never be able to have your cake and eat it too. If you want a high-quality product, you’ll have to be patient while it’s made. If you want a quick turnaround, you’ll have to make do with a somewhat inferior design. This brings us to Essentium’s unique service that subverts this expectation: high-quality products delivered quickly.

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Through 3D printing innovations, they are capable of making strong parts without fragile components, at scale, for production quickly and accurately. They have effectively the largest and fastest 3D printer on the market, which provides them with them means to churn out these parts. They make both the materials and the machine that deploys them for additive manufacturing.

Most 3D printers in the market right now are not professional machinations for the most part. They’re almost like homemade products and are reserved for creating small parts. Since they’re built with rudimentary design specs, they’re slow and tend to build up heat quickly and easily. As such, they are impractical for the demands that factory manufacturing demands to meet quota.

Essentium prides itself on building industrial 3D printers for mass production. Unlike most of the common 3D printers you’d be able to find, these machines are capable of meeting the demands placed upon them to generate massive amounts of products. With this, they are jumping on the Industry 4.0 bandwagon with a completely automated process, printing 5-15x faster than their competitors.

With their 180S 3D printer, they’re beating traditional 3D printers through HSE technology, the same technology that allows for the type of unprecedented high-strain printing that’s making waves in the market. With HSE, Essentium can print 10x faster and 5x more accurate than any other 3D printing technology.

The 180S 3D printer isn’t a regular printer, per se. It’s, in fact, a robot that prints.

Essentium customers have already responded with resounding results. One happy customer has achieved a 97% cost savings over traditional methods since utilizing Essentium’s technology.


Partnering with iTexico for 3D Printing Outsourcing Innovation

There’s more to Essentium’s agenda than upheaving the manufacturing sector. In an effort to embrace and expand their company’s influence, Essentium has embarked on a software development to bring their 3D printing to new heights. This particular endeavor hopes to manage their processes through a wholly owned system, with the end goal of making industrial 3D printing more affordable to all manufacturers across the globe.

"We are currently shipping large format, high speed, extrusion based printers that make strong parts at scale. We are currently releasing new and better filament materials on the market place that work with anybody’s machine, we believe in an open marketplace. we believe in the combination of materials and machine and process, and a lot of what we’re able to do in terms of process is in the software.” - Terry MacNeish, Head of R&D for Machines and Co-founder.


Essentium is reinventing their HSE printer’s software with a Nearshore team, a connection made possible through iTexico. Where it stands, the current software build is out of date and incapable of matching the ambitions of Essentium’s 3D printing structure. The current interface software is built in a legacy system, with technology from 10 years ago that no longer matches their innovative hardware.

With a 7 resource team following Scrum and Agile methodologies between project management, development, design, and testing services, Essentium is rebuilding their software with a new look and feel that will perfectly communicate with their start product’s hardware.

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Essentium is on the cusp of some truly exciting stuff, bringing about the advent of 3D printing on a massive scale, representing one of the most innovative 3D printing companies to date. To learn more about them, please visit the Essentium website for more information.

iTexico has proven to be an invaluable asset for Essentium’s efforts in bringing their business to a global scale. If you’re interested in seeing what iTexico can do for you and your company, feel free to contact us through our Contact Page.