There are many applications that can be built using Java; in fact, there are many existing applications that require the Java Runtime Environment for services like online courses and online banking as well as games, chats, mobile apps, etc.


The Perfect Fit for Your Project

Java language is great for batch applications and to process large amounts of information, from web to cloud apps based on pure Java, in a faster and more efficient manner. Our team is ready for any challenge. Back-end services? Absolutely.

With our developers, you can write a program once and run it everywhere. It's multi-platform. It can be executed in any operative system that has installed a Java Virtual Machine.

Java Development Teams?

iTexico offers you extended teams that can easily integrate and work hand on hand with you in order to deliver high valuable features for your product, our Java developers have great experience on architectures as rest and microservices, and frameworks as Spring, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate, Spock, JUnit between others, all this technologies combined with an Agile methodology and CI/CD allows us to deliver high quality services on time.




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