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C# (C Sharp) is a programming language that has been around for more than a decade and is already the foundation for so many products and software used by every one of us on a daily basis. Microsoft created this simple, yet elegant language as a part of their .NET initiative a while back and it has grown to become immensely popular within the developer community and has taken desktop app development industry by a storm.

However, we live in an era where mobile computing and user experience is king and where consumers have a massive set of alternatives to chose from when it comes to mobile applications. In a world where the paradigm of desktop apps no longer apply to reality, how can C# and .NET developers leverage their existing knowledge and experience? Meet Xamarin, a way to build native mobile applications using C# and .NET capabilities.

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Xamarin, the New Era for C# in the Mobile Industry

Since the introduction of the modern smartphone and the mobile application ecosystem, developers have created dazzling applications using a wide variety of programming languages.  They are using native ones like Objective C for iOS or Java for Android, or using cross-platform development tools and platforms to create native mobile applications. If there is one thing that C# has not been a major player in until very recently, it is in mobile app development. Enter Xamarin, a cross-platform technology built by the makers or Mono and aimed to create fully native mobile applications using one of the most popular language of all time: C#.

Xamarin basically allows developers take advantage of powerful language features like Linq, Lambda expressions, Async programming, reflection and dependency injection as well as many other great things like:

  • Reuse existing C# code from existing applications.
  • Use Visual Studio as IDE with its famous extensions like Resharper.
  • Native access to the platform libraries (Android, iOS).
  • Code sharing between mobile apps.
  • Use Xamarin components to share camera, and social networks code between platforms.
  • Use native libraries with bindings.

Among other things, Xamarin is a great tool to integrate the business logic of all the mobile clients in one common point as well as extend your Microsoft stack to mobile devices using your current capabilities. It also integrates current native efforts for Xamarin projects and many other possibilities for .NET developers using Xamarin. At iTexico, we are still discovering new things that we can use Xamarin for in our every day projects, I recommend check it out!


Xamarin Training in Mexico

iTexico has always been looking to become partners with the most innovative leading companies in the technology industry. As a part of those efforts, Xamarin and iTexico have become close partners and worked on a variety of projects in the mobile development area. A key part of that partnership is finding the best ways to make sure that the level of expertise in the Xamarin platform is the best. This is why both iTexico and Xamarin planned a joint effort to train and engage with the developer community in Mexico, Xamarin founder’s home country and the land where iTexico’s Global Delivery Center is located.

On October 24th 2013, we were visited by the Xamarin team of  Matt Larson, Partner Manager at Xamarin and Anuj Bhatia, a Xamarin trainer. They arrived in Guadalajara where they were set up to meet and engage with the talented developer community in Mexico’s western region.

During their 3-day stay, the team at iTexico and our special guests had the opportunity to hold several events such as business lunch and learn sessions, community drink-Up and of course, Xamarin’s first official certification class in Mexico. More than 30 developers attended to a sold-out class where they had the opportunity to discuss about their experience using Xamarin, learn new topics and reinforce their existing knowledge in the platform. At the end, students were given access to the Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer certification exam. Everyone was very excited!

It was a very rewarding experience and the community really appreciated the opportunity to get trained, share their knowledge and talk about all things mobile during those days when C# became a shining light in the new era of mobile development.

If you’re interested in learning more about Xamarin or about our cross-platform mobile development services make sure to give us a shout!

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About the Author

David Sandoval is the Marketing Manager at iTexico, entrepreneur, and UX/UI designer with more than 7 years of experience in web application and mobile app design, usability and product design. He holds a Bachelor in Information Systems and an MBA in Marketing by La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia.


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