Testing Web and Mobile Apps: Rational vs Quality Center Tools


The importance of Software Testing

Software testing in both web and mobile app development is an essential process of the software development lifecycle. When companies that fail to implement quality control standards or define the range of test web and mobile applications, it could essentially destroy the brand name, credibility or sabotage the overall project and blowup the budget. (Winthrop Andrew, Parr 1, 2012).

quality testing

Tests are conducted to understand the reliability and the performance of the software under extreme pressure. In the present the competition is fierce to outperform every product out in the market. With such cut throat competition, it is very crucial that one excels in tough circumstances and offers optimum service in the most difficult times. Those with poor performance and lack of competency will not be able to meet the customer demands and offer the desired results in hours of stress. (Riverstone, Parr 1-2, 2013).


Quality Center, Test tool

We will analyze the new advantages of Quality Center 11.5 and compare it with the previous version. HP is the market leader in distributing worldwide market tests and recently launched a version of HP 11 products suite that further reinforces its dominance in the market.

HP Quality Center enables users who are not part of the business process to integrate with business requirements. QC provides a formatted text editor MS Word and also helps us to share the report through the web or MS SharePoint Portals.  Agile methodology also provides integration between the outputs of the tests with user stories and tasks from an administrator’s perspective and provides tools for better maintenance through a better monitored system. QC also lowers the risk of migration by allowing multiple clients to connect to previous versions. (Market Share, All software Markets, Worldwide, 2011 - 2012).

HP QC 11 edition resized 600

Table: HP QC 11 edition


New Benefits

The HP Sprinter Module:   This module can improve manual testing productivity. The sprinter is fully integrated with HP ALM and allows increased benefits for these two solutions. You can make the execution of manual tests that are more effective and efficient.

Project Planning and Tracking module: This module integrates the test execution with the management of the test project.

Sprinter's Mirror Testing feature: This feature allows users to run tests in different browser environments (IE, FF, Safari, etc.), record and replay functionality tests.

So in this version, Accelerated Manual testing with HP Sprinter offers the following advantages:

- Simultaneous access to your web and mobile applications under testing (AUT).
- Running tests directly on the AUT without the inconvenience of switching between the QC screen and AUT.
- Using its toolkit for screen capture and annotation, screen recording and capturing system information.
- Leveraging its automated Data injection feature to upload pre-defined data sets along with your tests during execution and instruction.
- Recording and replaying with the Macros feature.
- Creating one test and running it in different environments.



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