How to Build a Nearshore Software Development Team

Today’s software solutions are more complex than ever – and the typical user also expects tremendous value from their apps and websites. Even though digital innovation is critical to most companies’ competitive strategy, many find it challenging to source a proficient development team and expand their IT talent capacity.

Businesses that choose to partner with a skilled, multidisciplinary group of software development professionals receive a more intuitive, user-friendly, and creative product. iTexico, Nearshore Software Development offers Nearshore+ Application Development and Managed Services to help enterprises deliver new and inventive results to their customers and brand. 

What Is a Multidisciplinary Software Development Team?

A multidisciplinary software development team is a customized group of Agile, Lean, and DevOps professionals who work to meet each client’s digital transformation growth strategy and methodology. Design, Development, Quality Assurance (QA), DevOps, and Maintenance experts work together through each phase of the development lifecycle to ensure constant communication, seamless collaboration and enhanced cultural teaming. 

iTexico’s Competency Centers and Nearshore Services, include:

  1. Design
  2.  Mobile
  3. .NET
  4. Java
  5.  JavaScript
  6. DevOps
  7. AI and
  8. QA, provide several critical benefits to businesses, such as:
  •       The ability to enter new markets faster 
  •       Effective brand expansion
  •       Disrupt inefficient internal and external processes 
  •       Revenue growth with new products and service introductions 
  •       Cost-effectiveness and labor services.


The 5 Most Important Aspects when Building a Nearshore Team

If your business is interested in building a Nearshore team to deliver your next product, there are a few essential elements to consider. These are:

  1.   Established Roles and Responsibilities

You may need a mobile expert, JavaScript specialist, or QA master to help create your product. No matter their expertise, it is important for each member of your multidisciplinary team to be aware of what they contribute to the project and what they will need to deliver. Be clear about each person’s roles and responsibilities during each phase of the development lifecycle – and put it in writing. Check in with your experts throughout the project to ensure they are complying. Software development professionals who are experienced in working with multidisciplinary teams will better understand where their duties end and others begin.

  1.   Transparent Project Goals

Each software project will have an overarching goal – such as to deliver a particular type of product – as well as specific objectives for each phase and team member. Target deadlines and achievements should be clear to every department. Associates of the group should be comfortable working together to set goals and communicate quickly and effectively when a challenge arises.

  1.   Efficient Problem Solving

No development project is perfect from start to finish. Your experts should not only be comfortable working together but in voicing their opinion when an aspect of the project clashes with another. All members should be comfortable with including the others in every phase of the project. It’s imperative for each person to have a positive attitude, desire for cohesion, and tenacious commitment to fixing issues.

  1.   Flexible People and Processes

Since software development is a fluid process, team members may be added or changed at any point.

From the first meeting between your multidisciplinary group, it is vital that each specialist commits to staying flexible and enthusiastic amidst any changes in the project. Clear roles and objectives will allow new experts to get up to speed quickly, while focused and motivated department leaders will help fresh professionals understand what’s occurred and what they will contribute to the end result.

  1.   Several Types of Experts

While business owners and executives may think they’re saving time and money by hiring a small group of development professionals, a larger or customized multidisciplinary development team often provides the most benefit. Projects that require different kinds of expertise will turn out better and finish faster if the correct specialists are hired for the job.

Build your software development Team


Build Your Nearshore Development Team with iTexico

Is time to create a multidisciplinary development team for your next innovation – if you need the Right Talent, at The Right Time, iTexico can help by:

     1.-Effectively assess your business and product needs

      3.-Provide you with seasoned experts and consultation

      4.-Define what it means to achieve success with scorecards tailored to your criteria

      5.-Offer a readily available and capable pool of software development talent

      6.-Launch your team rapidly – within 2-5 days

More than 200 Subject Matter Experts in all eight Competency Centers are experienced in defining clear roles and responsibilities, establishing and achieving unambiguous goals, and solving challenges with an inspired, entrepreneurial attitude. To learn more about iTexico’s Nearshore+ teaming and how we can deliver the value you need, visit our Nearshore Software Development Services

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