Demand for Mobile Application Developers?

With the boom in mobile applications across fields such as retail, media, video games, marketing and more, software engineers in mobile technologies are in short supply.

Since so many companies are scrambling to add development staff, or even outsource their development, the right talent pool is not growing fast enough to meet the demand.

It’s not just in the US; technology companies in countries such as India are experiencing talent squeezes across the board.

The  demand for mobile application development has emerged too quickly for workforce education to keep up.

Companies, therefore, have had to increase expenses to train their staff and increase the wages to retain existing talent. This is also resulting in high employee attrition rates and talent poaching, as companies struggle to meet demand.

With the hope of new positions opening in the space of  web development, cybersecurity and mobile app development, the competition for software engineers to claim the dream spot will also increase.

Here is the list of top 11 skills we believe are in high demand for application developers based on Stackover flow trend

For companies in North America that choose to outsource development in leading and current technologies, we are recommending looking to Mexico as an alternative to India, not only because the near-shoring economics work in the favor of U.S.-based companies, but also because its emerging market of software engineers are focusing more on mobile and other current technologies like cloud based software.

Companies in  the U.S. and Mexico are aggressively training the new breed of software engineers to meet the growing demand.

These initiatives are being supported the government, as they realize the opportunity to grow their economies and create new markets.

For example, ITexico, Nearshore Software Development Services recently conducted a certification training course in building cross platform mobile applications using Titanium. 

The two day class was sponsored by the State of Jalisco and was oversubscribed. There are plans to conduct similar classes in other cities and even make it a part of the college curriculum in leading education institutions.

We expect to see more initiatives like these not just in Mexico but other developing IT markets and it’s opening up opportunities to business that provide training services–especially certification training. We are also seeing a trend in hiring young college graduates and equipping them with the right skills early on in their careers and paring them with experienced mentors.

I would like to hear from you about your experience. How is your company dealing with this growing demand for mobile software developers?


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