Why Outsource to Mexico? iTexico CEO Explains His Reasons

Anurag Kumar, CEO of ITexico, has also in the past been CEO of two IT Services companies in India. He has a lot of experience forming delivery teams in India, and delivering & managing IT Services remotely. Today, however, he sees a lot of advantages in outsourcing to Mexico.

In this interview, Anurag talks about the reasons his technology team is in Mexico, particularly in Guadalajara and the unique challanges he has faced while nearshoring.

Anurag Kumar_ITexicoCEO
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This “Nearshore Plus” model of software development offers convenience at the core. 

  1. Cost-effectiveness 
  2. Flexibility
  3. Time savings
  4. Growing talent pool
  5. Access to domain knowledge
  6. Meeting expectations
  7. Scale-up team skills

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