Nearshore Development: Why Mexico is Safe to Develop Software

Nearshore software development

In 2010 when we started to extend our software services capabilities into under the nearshore develompent model in Guadalajara, Mexico, the first question I was asked (and still do) by friends and colleagues was “Is it safe?"  It seems like a loaded question and over the last few years, I have been answering that question in various ways depending on the situation and the person asking it. In this blog, I will attempt to clarify the question in various ways and answer it accordingly.


Is Software in Mexico safe?

As far I know, software is a series of 1s and 0s, residing on hard drives or computer memory either locally or somewhere in the cloud and causes no damage.  Sometimes bad folks write bad software and steal data.  These folks can be anywhere and not necessarily in Mexico.  I have not seen a violent software and there is certainly nothing to be afraid of when you see software in Mexico.  There is always a chance that a person will throw a USB full of software at you and hurt you, but that can happen anywhere in the world.  Usually you cannot even see software and what you can’t see can’t hurt you.  So my answer is an emphatic YES, Software is very safe in Mexico.


Are Software Developers in Mexico safe?

Most web and mobile app developers in Mexico, like anywhere else in the world, are young geeky kind of folks, who enjoy the act of writing great software and solving complex problems. Usually they are quiet, introvert and shy. I found them very safe to be around with and buying them a beer (cerveza) after work cheers them up.  None of them carry guns, which are banned in Mexico and a few of them do smoke cigarettes, although e-cigarettes are catching on too.  They do dress weird, not unlike folks in Austin or San Francisco, but it is nothing to be scared of.  When you are communicating with software developers in Mexico, since they are in the same time zone, it is safe to talk to them on Skype or phone. Even using Google Hangout is OK, even though you can see them in real time. Of course emails are always safe.  So, it is a YES answer, software developers in Mexico are very safe.


Are software developers from Mexico safe?

We have a lot of them travel to US to visit clients, and none of our clients have expressed any concerns when they are around developers from Mexico.  They look like any other young software developer in the US and usually our clients do not even know they are from Mexico.  They eat the same Mexican food we do.  In some parts of Austin and Houston and other big cities, we find that the developers from Mexico can communicate with service providers in Spanish and we do find them helping us out, when we can’t understand a menu item in a restaurant. So once again, the answer is YES, software developers from Mexico are safe.


Is software development safe in Mexico?

The process of developing software in Mexico is no different than anywhere else in the world.  You need a desk, computer, and coffee and be left alone. When our developers are building world-class software, it is safe to be in the same room, provided you are not looking over their shoulders.  If you are a tester, and find too many bugs in their software, they do get upset and we suggest that testers only communicate with the developers using emails or post the bugs in Jira. I am very comfortable is saying that the process of software development in Mexico is very safe.


About the Author

Anurag Kumar is a global technology and management professional with a talent for solving complex business problems. He has worked with Global 500 companies and pre-investment startups in US, India and Mexico. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of iTexico, which is his fifth technology startup, In addition to iTexico, he is a board member for two non-profit organizations.


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