Mobile Application Development in 2020: Top 8 Factors to Consider


Since the arrival of smart devices, a dramatic change has occurred in every aspect of life. Mobile apps play a key role in giving users an incredible experience with their devices. Almost all businesses have launched their mobile apps to remain competitive and connect with users.  

Today, there is an app for everything; like ordering food, paying bills, book rides, calculating weight, and whatnot. Everything is possible now with just a few clicks with a smartphone and an active internet connection.


According to a 2017 survey by Clutch, only 42% of small companies have their mobile apps which shows that companies are realizing the significance of tapping the mobile app market.


With the rapidly increasing demand for mobile applications, various website and app development companies have emerged to fulfill the ever-changing needs of the users. Businesses realized that having a mobile app is integral to connect and engage with their target market. 

But finding the best website and app development company is not easy. Here are some factors that are critically important while developing a mobile application in 2020.


Think Out of the Box

App users always want to be served with something different. With millions of mobile applications on the app stores, users must have a reason to give you space on their devices with already limited space. Therefore, you must offer something unique and engaging.

Use your creativity to think out of the box and engage the audience with innovative strategies. Don’t copy someone else’s designs, features, or idea. What works for someone else might not work out for you, so go ahead and let your creativity sparkle. 


Identify your Target Audience

It’s essential to know about your potential users before jumping into developing a mobile app. Asking the questions before planning any app, such as who is going to use your application and how this app can add value to your business, is integral for app growth and success.

Think of the audience you want to target and the platform they use. Identifying the target audience is integral to know the kind of app needed. 


Monitor and Analyze the Development Plans 

Completely analyze all your business processes before starting to develop a mobile app for it. Make sure that your processes are aligned, if not, make necessary changes. At this point, you might want to list down the goals of your app. What is that you really want to achieve with the app? 

Now does the development plan align with the goals of the app?


Engaging Mobile App Design

Building a mobile app is not about just coding. It’s also about making its functionality and design relevant and engaging for the target audience. Therefore, it is critical to design the app fulfilling the principles of the most popular user experience.  And before hiring any mobile web development team, make sure to see their design portfolio.  

Don’t overdo the features and design. Sleek and simple app design is just enough to get users hooked. 


App Development Experience

Expertise counts a lot. Choose a professional website and app development company with experience and a proven success record in developing and designing mobile apps for diverse industries. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that the company that you are going to choose is capable to build the app with the exact features and functionalities of the app that your business requires.   

It is important that you trust an app development company that has relevant experience and has built similar mobile apps before. Their experience will help cater to different industry needs that you might have ignored. Also, it will make you trust the development company, knowing that your project is in expert hands who know how to get the work done.


App Testing

Before submitting your app to the app store, invest sufficient time in testing it. Make sure that there are no bugs, design glitches, or functionality errors in the app. 

Furthermore, testing the app helps in avoiding getting poor ratings on the app stores, bad reviews and uninstalls. 

Ensure your mobile app is running efficiently and smoothly. Check the time it is taking to load, and the space it is occupying. For any mobile app, performance is critically important. If your mobile app is not running well, the users will uninstall it, by shifting to another application that performs better. 


Pre-Launch Marketing

Don’t wait to market your app after the launch. Instead, start creating interest in the target audience during the development phase. Use social media to spread the message or create awareness. Pre-launch marketing is important if the app is introducing a new way of doing things or is introducing an innovative approach. 

Start with app store optimization, using the right set of keywords. Create tutorial videos and content to inform and engage the audience. This will also help potential users to give their feedback. 


Built-in Security Features 

An app that comes with high-security features is a great way to show your reliability and capable of reaching your business to new heights.

Therefore, while developing a mobile app for your business, you must consider that it has built-in security features and protection tools. Also, communicate the security feature to the app users, so they know that your app is worth trusting.


Hire a Professional Website and App Development Company

The number of smartphone users has exceeded desktop users. Research shows that 70% of people spend time using mobile apps for booking, shopping, and payment. Regardless of what industry your business belongs to, mobile applications are key to grow and make the business successful. The opportunities are wide and the market potential is high. 

So, while hiring any mobile app development company to build an app for your business, don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned factors. The quality of your mobile app development partner will directly impact your app, and thus, your business reputation. At iTexico, Nearshore software development company, we're experts in mobile development services and can even get your app prototyped in 5 days through the help of design sprints.

Contact us and explore how we can help you discover the right product to build and build it right so it generates delight for your user. 


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