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As times have progressed, we have become more obsessed with our smartphones. As businesses are trying to bridge the gap with their clients, they are introducing mobile applications to reach out to them quickly. Enterprises believe that mobile apps can bring in more business. And why not! The figures are here to show! According to Buildfire, mobile apps could generate around US $189 billion in revenue by 2020. 


The Need to Secure your Mobile Apps

We do not care when we undertake online transactions or pay for beverages using mobile apps. Just like the internet is littered with cybercriminals, the mobile world is also getting infiltrated by these evil elements. And, statistics prove this too!

Fraud done through mobile browsers and apps accounts for greater than 71% of all illegal transactions.

As per a survey by Symantec, at least one among 36 mobile devices had high-risk apps installed in them.

Considering this, it becomes necessary to have security measures in place to protect your mobile app.

We will now discuss the tips to ensure the security of your mobile app.


1. Install an SSL Certificate

There are various threats associated with mobile applications that require the administrator to buy SSL certificate. It will ensure an encrypted connection for the app, which will ensure that all communication that is occurring is safe. For apps that allow financial transactions, they need to be extra cautious as they are handling financial data of their customers. It is an absolute necessity for them to buy SSL certificate to prevent any data breach. You can try out of different types of SSL certificate based on your domain requirement. 

For example, for multiple domains, you can go with UCC certificate or for signing software code, you can go for Code Signing certificate.


2. Have Proper Authorization Measures in Place

Your mobile apps should ensure that only the users with appropriate authorization, along with rights and privileges, have access. An adequate authentication, along with authorization policy, will ensure your app is safe. Critical importance is of the APIs. You need to provide a failsafe API. Ideally, you should not be depending on any third-party for the APIs but create one of your own.


3. Try to Plug Gaps Across Multiple Platforms

Usually, mobile apps are programmed to run on various operating systems (OS). Some of the OS may have security limitations. Do inform your developers to ensure that they can plug the gaps across the OS by proper password support or encryption support. 

Also, your developers need to consider the data support for the OS before the apps are distributed on various platforms.


4. Periodically Test your App

As the adage goes – Better to be safe than sorry. Do ensure that your testing team has considered all use cases while testing the app for any possibility of breaches. You need to undertake multiple testing techniques to ensure the app is foolproof. 

Security testing using various scenarios is an absolute necessity. Also, take regular security testing activities to ensure the app is impregnable by hackers.


5. Plug All Loopholes

The developers must devise a mechanism through which only authorized users can interact with the mobile app. It might require the app to store some sensitive personal information. 

However, you must devise industry best practices and have proper security systems in place to make sure the data is not tampered. 

Any tampering with the data may lead to severe consequences, including hefty penalties and loss of customer trust.


6. Are you Ensuring All the Data is Required?

When you are storing personal data of your customers or the visitors to your app, are you ensuring whether the application requires all the data entered by the user? Given that the data will be stored in your servers, storing data that is not needed will increase risk. 

You need to store the data in encrypted data containers. The audit logs need to be periodically destroyed.


7. Deploy Stringent IT Policies for Your Team

The mobile devices of your team are an added security nightmare for you. Unless, of course, you deploy security procedures that your application is not exposed to severe breaches. 

You should implement a VPN for the devices to allow only authorized access using the mobile devices of your team. Also, there should be a process to block unauthorized access by unknown devices.


8. Ensure the Code Base is Secure

You need to prevent unauthorized access to the code base and associated software. There should be stringent policies to safeguard against any bad intentions and data breaches. 

The APIs should be verified periodically as a safeguard against any eventuality.


9. Alert Users Against all Possibilities

You will need to alert users about the risk of hackers having access to the app through their smartphones. You need to create a list of Do’s and Don’ts for users. Do include the risk of unauthorized downloads from unknown apps. 


10. Integrate with MAM

A MAM protects the data residing within an app, thereby mitigating the risks of unauthorized access. It provides a multi-security layer and regulates the usage of the app. You will need to devise policies to allow the mobile app management system to protect your app better.


As technology progresses, the hackers are also devising newer ways to gain access to your data. While the iOS and associated systems are continually upgrading, you also need to be on your guard and take proper steps to prevent any data breach. Furthermore, in the article, we have discussed other means to prevent a data breach from your mobile app. 

Hiring a mobile development company will help you out immensely if you don’t possess the knowledge about secure development processes. Highly skilled experts can help you understand the basics, keep you updated on security measures and threats, and provide insights on much needed improvements. 

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