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Marketing a Mobile App: A Different Approach

As technologies continue to evolve, we also evolve along with it in the result of an acquisition of new habits, customs, philosophies, ways to work, etc.  We now have the possibility to carry our information with tools anywhere and everywhere.  This is now possible with mobile technologies and specifically with smartphones and tablets.

As mobile development continues growing exponentially, more companies are developing apps for consumers. In fact, consumers are expecting their favorite business to provide apps.  However, you have to consider a few points before taking the big dive in to the universe applications.

As a company, it’s very important to know the same marketing principle apply to marketing a mobile app.  As with any other project or campaign, you have to set your objectives, target market, and marketing strategies.  Here some point that involves marketing in your mobile development.

1.  Set your goals

When it comes to mobile development, you have to consider what are your expectations. The app could be very versatile at this point. You could use your app to make profit, offer a complementary service, for promotional use, or for positioning your company.  This is very important.

It will define the process of development: In how many stores to introduce the app? Native or HTML5 development? How much to invest? Same target market?

When you define your main goal and help with the decisions for the next points, you'll have clear answers for the previous questions.

2. Confirm your target market

Even though there is a rapid rate of adoption of smartphone technologies, there still a considerable procentage of people who doesn’t have a smartphone, adapting your strategies to your new market is important to have a greater download rate.

If you are single person or a company with an idea for an app that has nothing to do with you regular activities, you may want to create an app to make profit.  It is imperative to well define your target market. You don’t want to waste time promoting your app. If an app is released, it doesn’t means that anyone would be interested in downloading it. That will send us to the next point.

3. Choose the strategies that fits you

There are a lot of strategies to choose from. First, you need to be aware of your goals, company culture, budget, trends and the answers to questions posed in step 1.

For example, you want to create an app to promote a brand or a company. The best strategy is to create something related such as a game, costumer support, news, etc. You should be in the biggest applications stores: Apple and Android. However and if you are a small business, you should probably go for HTML5 which is cheaper to develop and offer extended services in your app that could help to users to get interested in your business.  TIP: remember to make the app FREE.

If you are making an app to make profit, remember point 2 and focus on the UX/UI design to have a better user satisfaction.  A great design encourages Word of Mouth Marketing.

4. Positioning the app

Now that you are all set up to develop your wonderful app, the next step is to make sure that your app won’t be lost in the ocean of thousands of apps in the stores. We need to make sure that our app will reach the hands of the users.

When the users navigate the stores, they use standard keywords in their search. Most of the words are generic “notes”, “message”, “adventure”, “weather”, and “RPG”. Sometimes, users just search in the categories or the top paid/free.

Thankfully, we have: our goals set, our target market defined and our strategies chosen. So, the next thing to do is to make sure the name of the app is easy to remember and within the related categories.

The first day of your launch of the app in App store is very important! It is the day that you are listed in new app category and is the first point where the users could download your app. We have to max out this opportunity to have the most possible downloads. So before launching, promote the upcoming category and start with online ads. Don’t forget and if you don’t have many resources to promote, social media marketing is very helpful to increase your positioning for the big launch.

Once people see that the download rate is good in the beginning they will be impulse to download it as well!

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