Why End-to-End Testing is Essential in Today’s IT World? 


The term end-to-end (E2E) refers to the complete testing of software from start to end without skipping any step. It involves thorough testing of the software, which is imperative to the norms of today’s IT world. To manage the efficacy of the software and avoid any breakdown of the application, this end-to-end testing is employed.

In today’s IT world, software development is more complex in codes, structures, and functions. There are multiple test cases performed simultaneously, various team members are involved in different tasks, the software is integrated with external tools, regressive testing is conducted. With all these tasks and elaborate features, if at any step the test case management software fails to detect an error and proceeds with the project without fixing it, this can affect the quality of the application and also increase the chances of software breakdown. This is where the assistance of E2E testing is required.


Benefits of E2E Testing

E2E testing is crucial while working in an agile environment, with integrated tools that need detailed testing from the very scratch until the project is completed. It detects the errors even in the subsystems of the whole software and manages to fix it right then and there. The usefulness of E2E testing cannot be overlooked because it adds to the quality and productivity of the software.


Expansion of Test Coverage

Testing techniques and details are expanded in this domain. In a normal testing strategy what is considered as isolated testing and in performed in rare cases is thoroughly considered with the expansion of tests. It also highlights the performance of the application and ensures the user experience is as per expectations. 


Assure Application's Productivity

Productivity is ensured in end-to-end testing as every few iterations are tested. It means that it instantly figure out the errors and fix them too. The risk of buried up errors or bugs is reduced. The issues which are not figured out instantly are buried down and it becomes difficult in the later stage to figure them out. 


Reduces Cost and Time

One time comprehensive and detailed testing through E2E testing can save you from repeated tracking of defects, this will eventually reduce the time and cost in association with that project. 


How Does This Testing Work? 

As this testing is supposed to cover the entire system so it is really important to plan it in a systematic way. Use different tools to organize and manage your requirements. The integration of test case management software is really important as it helps to plan and then implement it in an iterative manner. If testers fail to implement this E2E testing then it can eventually result in collapsing the entire system. 

In this type of testing, not only the workflow of the system is considered but all aspects related to the user interface, network interface, processing platforms, etc are thoroughly checked. This testing strategy covers a broader spectrum and consists of unique and detailed parts to meet the testing requirements. 


Process of E2E Testing

This is the basic process that is considered to perform end-to-end testing and to test the whole system which ensures it is error-free and may perform as per expectations:


1. Requirement Planning

To plan the requirements for the successful testing and product, one needs to analyze the entire system and then define the minimum software and hardware requirements to carry out the task. 


2. E2E System Design

Roles and responsibilities for all team members are outlined in accordance with the tools, components, and methodologies.


3. Component Design Testing

Individual test cases are designed to test all the requirements of the systems. 


4. Infrastructure Development Testing

At this point, all the test cases designed are coded and the software and hardware infrastructures are set up which are required in the test environment.


5. Execution and Measurement Testing

At this point, all flaws and failures are identified. One needs to test all requirements, record inputs, and outputs and then test against the target metrics. 


Testing from all layers of the software is achieved by E2E testing, and this saves the company, testers, and users from a lot of unwanted problems. It validates the systematic flow of the work, which helps manage the project from start till the end and the entire workflow can be monitored to ensure it is error-free. Different test case management software, automation tools, and testing tools are integrated all together to meet the testing requirement. Our expert team of QA Engineers at Improving Enterprises are committed to a continuous improvement approach to software testing to ensure your project or application is delivered exactly to specifications. Reach out to us and let us know how we can help. 

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