Outsourcing Tips - 5 Things to Consider When Developing Your Next App


There are a variety of mobile app development outsourcing options available to U.S. companies, which are the result of the rapid evolution and the importance of apps in doing business. Some of the options on the market  include: onshore, offshore, nearshore and nearshore plus. Nearshoring provides U.S. companies with software development services that are closer to home, making it easier for communication, project management and maintaining low costs.

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Regardless of the type of outsourcing chosen, there are a number of common denominator reasons why businesses look to delegate their software development. These include:

  • Reducing labor costs. The need for cost savings can easily be achieved due to the difference in salaries between software developers in other countries.

  • Execution speed. A tight release timeframe calls for faster product development, which can only be accomplished by a bigger team with specific skills.

  • Quality assurance. Some critical applications may require thorough testing, and businesses need to reduce the chances of software failure. This can be achieved without the big investment that rigorous testing processes represent.

  • Specialized skills. The need for specialized skills that cannot be supplied by current staff.

  • Temporary projects. Having a temporary project that can’t justify hiring more staff and let them go once the project is completed.


The major driver for most is perceived cost savings. However, companies should always think beyond money in order to focus on the overarching goal of the project: creating software of the best possible quality. That said, cost reductions are certainly possible though not guaranteed; making misinformed decisions or failing to effectively manage offshoring projects may end up with negative results. Increased costs and missed opportunities accompanied by stress and frustration are some examples.

You should aim for the best possible price with a strong focus on quality. Considering the actual cost of hiring software developers is only one element on the checklist that should be addressed when taking part in an outsourcing project. Here are 3 more specific considerations:

  1. Expertise. Check that potential company’s skills and experience are a good match for the project at hand. The right people, tools and talents are essential for the success of this project.

  2. Communication. Communication channels and processes often involve some work to overcome language and culture barriers. People often choose nearshoring because nearshore development teams commonly are often proficient in English and there is more cultural affinity.

  3. Doing your research. In the digital era, it is a walk in the park to investigate and gain insight into a business’ reputation. Taking the time to research before hiring could help avoid serious problems down the road.

Depending on the company and type of project, there may be additional considerations. This includes the level of flexibility needed, techniques and methodologies, and cultural differences, just to mention a few. Keep in mind that this is true whether you go the outsourcing route or choose remain in house.

In summary, there is much to think about when it comes to outsourcing software development, and there will always be risk involved. Whether you take your project to onshore, nearshore, or offshore firms, it is integral that you maintain a strategic vision, clear action plan, proper research and open communication channels. And exploring these options should not be overlooked.


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