Telemedicine Apps: Everything You Need to Know


Telemedicine apps and their development is transforming the health care industry landscape and are out casting the need for innovative solutions in our healthcare system. 

2020 has not been a good year for the world as it has turned the landscape of the healthcare industry upside down. Telemedicine software development is becoming the primary goal of organizations striving to deliver healthcare services to patients from a distance. 

The telemedicine market size would increase to $41.2 billion by the end of 2021. 

Today might be the best time to invest in the telehealth app development since the niche is unexplored & unoccupied. The demand and supply for such services are consistently growing and will continue to rise. 


Benefits of the Telemedicine app development

A good state of health is what everyone craves for and takes the right steps to achieve it. In May 2020, everyone felt a great need for health-related products after the pandemic hit & the world was under lockdown. 

Telemedicine apps can help you support the healthcare system &everyone related to patients, doctors, and medical establishments. The major piece of work of telehealth services is to provide remote doctor visits, increase medical service efficiency, and monitor health conditions from a distance. 

Here are some significant benefits of the telemedicine app development: 


1. Availability of Medical Services

In the initial, a telemedicine app can deliver healthcare services in remote regions that have no access to any medical support/clinic. No wonder there is a shortage of healthcare personnel deficiency. It is majorly observed in rural areas, 39.8 physicians per 100K people compared to 53.3 physicians per 100K people in urban areas. Telemedicine apps can help veterans, the elderly, school kids, and others reach medical services quickly. 


Convenient and Time-Efficient

Visiting a hospital and waiting in line to get a doctor consultation consumes a lot of time. Telemedicine apps overs this issue as no extra time is spent to get a preliminary consultation. 

The telemedicine apps are the best way to book an appointment for medical help remotely. Both the doctor and patient can connect at the earliest convenience, and the necessary treatment starts can startup quickly and more efficiently. Such mobile apps may also have high applicability in the emergency rate. 

As per the stats, 53% of the patients are interested in remote doctor visits or have been a part of it. 


Medical Records Are Safe

Telemedicine applications around the globe help various practitioners can access and store medical data effectively. During such days, it can otherwise be challenging to access the records and transmit them to other doctors for better treatment prescriptions. But with the presence of telemedicine apps, it is very seamlessly handled as each medical record is safe and accessible. 


Unified Patient Management and Monitoring System

One app can help thousands of users at one time. The telemedicine app development solutions can help you with follow up consultations, updates to prescriptions, chronic disease monitoring, and every other necessary thing. Telemedicine patient management and monitoring systems act as one unified solution for every task of the patient. 


Efficient Time Management

Healthcare providers can organize their workload more effectively. It means there is a possibility to examine more patients correctly. Around 15% of the doctor's experience of burnouts and depression. The heavy workload of 60-80 hours per week is restraining, tiring, and turns out to be one of the significant reasons. Telemedicine solutions allow a better life-work balance for doctors. 


Facilitation of Administrative Operations

With the presence of telemedicine apps in the market, more time can be devoted to the actual tasks. The apps draw out the time to fill unnecessary forms, and internal documentation as most of the paperwork can be automated. Cutting down on the inefficiency is directly proportional to higher profits as a telemedicine app serves each patient and doctors in the right way. 

Telemedicine app development is utilized across different medical domains such as dermatology, psychological, cardiology, diabetes, and many more. 


Tech Implementation in The Telemedicine App Development

Let us throw some light on the upgraded innovative technology and functionality in the telemedicine app development. The diverse technologies that find great application in Telemedicine app development are: 


Big data 

lot of information is generated and processed in healthcare. By implying the big data computations, it is possible to gather and evaluate EHRs (Electronic healthcare records). The retrieved information can be used to improve treatments, provide more accurate diagnoses, conduct medical researches, and eventually cut costs. 



Ever-upgrading technology is implying because of security. The technology excludes the loss of healthcare data opposing physical paper records. The upgrading trends in Blockchain deliver the opportunity to save and transfer medical data with enhanced security.



The telemedicine equipment includes tablets, medical kiosks, digital cameras, smartwatches, and many more. The IoT contributes to vitals tracking, treatment suggestions, built-in emergency response systems, and more. The blend of software and hardware leads to better patient care with IoT app solutions. 


Artificial Intelligence

Most telemedicine apps increasingly adopt artificial Intelligence. Using language processing, chatbots, voice recognition, and machine learning present a new unique experience to the healthcare services. 


It is suggested in the long term, to have a vision of how the product shall evolve. After checking out all the crucial innovations, you can involve the best in your telemedicine app. 

Moving forward to the telemedicine app development and taking consideration of how to connect doctors with the patients. Such apps come under the category of on-demand apps. 

The essential telemedicine app solutions incorporate three distinct yet interconnected modules, namely patient app, doctor app, and an admin panel. 


Telemedicine App Features for Patients


  • Registration 

A patient needs to register or create an account using the social media account, mobile number, email. The app must use the two-factor authentication process as the app deals with sensitive data. 

  • Patient profile

The patient needs to enter necessary healthcare records and essential information. The procedure needs to be quick and easy, as no one wants to fill out lengthy forms.  

  • Search

The patient should have access to search for a medical specialist based on more than one specialization. 

  • Communication 

The communication process can be both visual or audio-interactive. It is suggested to implement the most straightforward format. 

  • Geolocation

The application should connect with practitioners near their location. The app should collect the location with an inbuilt satellite map feature. 

  • Payment

The monetization can be done by integrating a payment gateway system. It should be able to view transaction history.  

  • Appointments

It is necessary for every patient to have a list of appointments based on the doctor's availability and should have access to edit or cancel them.

  • Notifications

The in-app or push notifications and essential reminders help to keep track of appointments. 

  • Rating and reviews

This is a must-have feature as it poses a major role invisibility of the app in the app store. It can be said as the doctor-patient aggregator. It ensures the right service quality based on the collected feedback. 


The patient app can also include more features like: 

  • Personalized dashboard

One of the complexes features to incorporate in the app but are best for observing treatment. 

  • Medication tracking

The app can remind a patient to take necessary medication and obtain refills. 

  • Secure chats

Encrypted one-to-one chats act as the best communication channel between the doctor and a patient.

  • In-app calls

The app can include a free-calling feature to maintain some direct communication channels. 

  • Navigation

It is possible to add the route to the hospital with some additional information about the institution. 

  • Cloud data storage 

It is focused on keeping and managing EHRS as well as other view options that can help with the attached images and documents. 

  • Patient's insurance plan

A useful feature is to integrate with the insurance providers and add patient's plans. 

Telemedicine App Features for Doctors

Some of the app features that correlate with the patient app can also be implemented to enhance the telemedicine solution. 

  • Doctors profile

It can fill out accurate information about their specialization, experience, education, and so on. It might be possible that patients would like to cross-check their license and proof of medical capabilities. 

  • Scheduling and calendar

Just like the patient, the doctor should also be able to set their availability, receive a consultation, and manage a calendar filled with appointments. 

  • EHR review

The doctor needs to check a patient's record either from the same profiles, hospital databases, or by using other methods. 

  • Medical prescription

The doctor should be able to place their prescription digitally as it will be more efficient for patients with chronic diseases and on-going prescriptions. 

  • Pharmacy databases

The telemedicine apps integrate with the numerous drug stores and deliver necessary medicines on time.

  • Video or audio session recording

The ability to save or download the on-going consultations can be useful to track the treatment progress and for accurate referencing over time. 



The development of a telemedicine app can be divided into two big steps- the discovery of requirement phase and development stages. Each phase represents an ample amount of work. The post here throws insights on the telemedicine apps and everything that you need to know. If you need help 


Author Bio: 

Shubham is a creative content writer at MobileAppDiary who keeps a good-eye on the emerging trends in technology and loves to share his knowledge about them with the world. He praises creativity and craves to learn about the latest trends in mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and dark web technology. He loves to explore new ideas related to technology and marketing.

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