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My Story at iTexico, an Improving Company: Diana Vázquez, Tech Lead


When I was asked if I wanted to share my story about working at iTexico, an Improving company, I didn't really know where to start. But then I realized that the most important thing is to speak from your heart. If what you are going to read below manages to inspire you even a little bit, then I did it well. 

I will start by mentioning why I decided to join this company. After having worked for over 2 years in a company where the owners didn't really care about the quality of life of their employees, it was a big change to start working at iTexico, an Improving company

Here I found a place where there is not only work flexibility, since I had no previous experience working from home, but also a place where our professional goals mattered. I even remember being scared at the beginning of simply leaving the office because I was used to having my hours counted. But little by little I adapted to that freedom where results matter more than just being in the office. 

I began a project as an automation tester, but at the very beginning I also had to carry out manual testing tasks to cover for an absent coworker, so that's how I began to integrate more into the company. I liked that I also got to develop regression scripts for web applications made in React. 

After that project ended, I was moved to one that required mostly manual testing activities, which wasn't much to my liking. However, I accepted the challenge because I wanted to have the experience of developing a project from scratch. I  actually ended up learning a lot, and worked with a great team where I was the only QA specialist and had the opportunity to develop the test plan as well as make decisions about everything related to functional and non-functional testing. 

Now, speaking of my professional path. I mentioned to my tech lead during a 1:1 meeting that I was really interested in developing my skills in the area of leadership and management. A year from that the opportunity came up and my TL offered me the position of tech lead representing the testing team. I was ecstatic and of course I took it. Not all companies give you the opportunity to develop experience in a leadership position, and it's even more difficult in large companies. 

My experience as a tech lead has been great because I really enjoy helping my team members grow, and I'm also very proud of being one of the 3 leaders in my area. I hope more women get involved in the IT industry and the leadership group of powerful women becomes larger at iTexico, an Improving company. 

I think the diversity of projects has definitely helped expand my QA skills. I am currently working on a project for the Real Estate industry as a QA engineer while at the same time being the tech lead of some QA coworkers. Something I can say is that the teams I've been in all have one thing in common: Improvers are very supportive and are willing to help whenever needed. In addition to the variety of projects that challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. 

At iTexico, an Improving company, I found a place full of many opportunities that are not offered everywhere. A place where you feel supported, cared for, and not like just another number on a spreadsheet. A place where leadership really listens to what your career goals and career path are. If you are currently thinking whether to apply to Improving or not, I can tell you that here you will not only feel a part of an organization but also part of a community that collaborates so everyone becomes better, everyday. 


About the Author:

Diana Carolina Vázquez de Niz is a Technical Lead and QA Engineer at Improving. 

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