iTexico Earns Repeat “Fast 50” Honor

On the heels of our latest Inc. 5000 honor, iTexico is proud to be named Austin’s 2016 Fast 50 for the second year in a row. As one of the city’s Top 50 fastest-growing companies, this award demonstrates our commitment to our community, as well as to global innovation in nearshoring, full-stack services, and mobile development.

Why do we owe our award recognition to our client success, regardless of its name or issuing body? Without building a culture of more than 140 employees who are dedicated to developing cutting-edge and user-engaging applications to help our clients earn ROI from their essential mobile and web activities, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Without our heritage as a leader in nearshoring and the growth of technological resources in Guadalajara, Mexico, we wouldn’t stand out as we do. That’s why our growth and innovation is 100 percent dedicated to our clients and their relentless demand for efficient and expedited enterprise app development – and the reason why we are thanking all of you, personally, today.

As these various awards lavish attention upon what makes iTexico uniquely qualified to produce the best enterprise apps and lead the way during this era of continuing change in consumer data consumption, we will never falter on our core mission, recognition or not. That mission is to employ an agile development process, the gold standard for resource management, with the developers that can get the job done, and the tools to make it happen.

To be a part of the iTexico team requires full-stack programming capabilities, and to be an iTexico client means an expectation of on-demand prototyping of app development projects and to ensure an even more expedited path to completion.

As your two-country, nearshoring solution, we know that we are also growth leaders because of our closely-located development resources in Guadalajara, which offer significant cost-savings and other advantages over those companies who enlist development from half a globe away.

Our highly experienced developers have diverse backgrounds and interests, but share in common a best-in-class level of insights, and a strong track record of on-time and efficient project delivery. What’s more, iTexico focuses on the entire package -- not only ensuring that your deliverable looks as good as it functions, and is constantly updated to keep pace with technological advances and consumer behavior changes.

Again, a big thank you from our team to yours. You inspire our team in Austin, San Francisco, and Guadalajara every day – and are the first and foremost reason we are in business.


For full information on how our services can help you, please visit iTexico, Nearshore Software Development Services

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