IBM PartnerWorld Conference 2013: Interview with Anurag Kumar

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iTexico as Business Partner of IBM

At the end of february our CEO Anurag Kumar was present at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership conference in Las Vegas to talk about the mobile development challenges and the solutions that iTexico provide.

The conference was full of attendants with expertise in the technology industry along with the partners business of IBM, which presented the new mobile application platform: Worklight.

Here is the interview with Bill Mew (European Communications Manager, IBM) that took place last February 28.



-Bill: Hi I’m Bill Mew and i’m at the IBM PartnerWorld Leadership conference 2013, here in Las Vegas. And I’m joined by Anurag Kumar from iTexico. One of the many business partners we have joining us here for the conference. Anurag, thank you very much for joining us here today.

One of the main themes of the conference is the new era of computing, we looking here, in specifically, at social, mobile, cloud and also also big data analytics and I know that mobile is a particular focus for you guys. How are you helping your clients get the most from the opportunities that mobile represents?

-Anurag: Sure Bill, the mobile is making a lot of radical changes in the way companies are doing their businesses. We are helping our clients new ways of solving existing problems, growing the businesses and identifying improvements in the processes which having a mobile device on your hands, all the time with all the information possible, something was just not possible even five years ago. So we are identifying opportunities where existing work in the field, in the sales, even serving customers are being done in using mobile devices. In a way which was not even thinkable just a few year ago.

-Bill: And obviously the “bring your own device” policies that many companies have, has accelerated this. Is this making the challenge even more great for many of your clientes?

-Anurag: It does, it does. Not having control on what people can bring to the work force or in the work place, is forcing customer to look at what is called cross-platform mobile development strategies. So you have to build application which can run on any device, no matter what the device is. Rather is an iPhone or an Android device. That’s causing development challenges, that’s causing support challenges, that’s causing new technologies which allow companies to manage their application giving the fact that they don’t control the device and the old age you had a PC and a browser and you could build an application which it work very effectively, you don’t have that kind of choice anymore and that's causing disruption in technologies, that’s causing IBM to create products like Worklight with the mobile-first initiative, and that is something that the CIO’s need to start thinking about you just can’t build an application in iOS or Android and be done with it, there is no one platform to standardize on.

-Bill: Ok, and that bring me on to the fact that another theme here at the conference is the fact that there is a new kind of clients that we all need to be able address a solution to work, it not just not longer the CIO. Theres the CMO, CFO and many of the other C levels executives. Obviously many of these are just top of people that bring their own devices to work and understand mobility from a personal perspective but how do you focus your dialogue  in terms of proving a business case to these C levels executives in terms of what mobility can really do for their businesses?

-Anurag: What we have done is, one is to discuss some use cases which a mobile device or a mobile platform enables them, we work with the customer who wasn’t feel supported, feel inspections and having an ipad allowing to do the same job in one fourth the time they were doing before, that’s an enormous savings in productivity, savings in time, savings in cost and by having some actual use cases which we can demonstrate is helping them to realize the benefits of the ROI’s. We also do a lot of prototyping work for our clients so they can actually see what the end result might look like. That’s allowing to think beyond what they might have available the past.  A lot of the work in businesses are coming from the field workers not from IT, not from the CIO not from even the VP level guys. Is people in the field what feeling a need for more information, more agility... ( Bill: helping to enable this guys basically) it does, it does. They are the ones who are going back to the business and say: ok guys i need something in my hand at the time i’m doing the job and I don’t want to wait for it, i need something now. And that’s forcing the CIO’s to make some investments based on the field feedback.

-Bill: Obviously a lot of this, in terms of technology challenge, is far from trivial and IBM is been talking a lot this week about of it’s new mobility solutions obviously. But obviously this is.. holds a new skills set that is required. First of all in mastering this mobile technologies but also in having the consulting selling and the business skills to be able to provide real business solutions. What are you doing to ensure that you have the right skills sets to be able to address the needs of your clients?

-Anurag:  It’s a great question, you can’t find people with 10 years of mobile development expertise anymore, i mean is also new. So we have to look beyond our own borders, we have to look for talent globally. What we have done is create a nearshore delivery center in Guadalajara, Mexico so a lot of my developers, a lot of my technical guys and gals that are actually in Mexico we are recruiting them from top universities, we’re training them in new technologies, we are enabling them to be ready for the new era right now. So have a team of fifty people enable them to address specifically the same question.

-Bill: Well, sound like you guys  are really getting together and you get some great solutions out there to help your clients. We wish you all the very best of luck with that we hope you have a really great conference here this week and it’s been very nice meeting you. Thank you very much.

-Anurag: Thank you so much

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