Considering a Mobile App Development Partner?

Today’s CIO is under assault. It seems that with every new product release, innovation or cloud service, there’s an endless cascade of vendors who claim they can help you do it better, smarter, and faster. It’s enough to make the most mild-mannered technology executive want to unplug, and run for the hills.

Here at iTexico, we understand the frustration. Making the right selection for your mobile app development project is a make-or-break proposition, and simply relying on a slick sales sheet, or taking someone’s word for it, just won't cut it.

Just like you would never hire a pizza chef to plate a five-course dinner, too, you should never select a technology company to handle your mission-critical workloads without specific experience in your area of focus.

To help make the vetting process easier, we would like to suggest five questions to ponder when deciding if the mobile development partner you are considering is right for you. Let’s get started:


1. What are your particular skills in mobile application development?

If you are not satisfied with this answer, there is no reason to proceed to the next four. In particular, you’ll want to gauge a company’s dependability and experience with javascript dev; you’ll want to understand what types of software development tools and methodologies they employ; and what they do to maintain currency with the latest web applications and platforms. Remember, you need an expert with these issues, since you are entrusting your company’s mobile future with the partner you select.

2. How do you view the idea of a partnership?

As important as it is to select a vendor with the right capabilities, it’s equally important that they are invested in your business objectives and outcomes. A good mobile development partner will integrate well with your own development team and will work efficiently with CTOs, CIOs or VPs of Engineering to form a solid foundation.

3. Do you use Agile methodologies?

Insist on hiring an Agile partner so you can benefit from the most viable, efficient, and effective workflow processes. And, because many companies use offshore resources, consider finding a partner, like iTexico, that offers resources that bridge cultural, geographical, and time-zone divides. At iTexico, we use a unique nearshore model, with delivery teams in both Austin, TX, and Guadalajara, Mexico, to ensure alignment in this area.

4. How do you ensure continuous optimization of the mobile product?

The right mobile software development partner will help you get constant optimization of different aspects of your business, using their most qualified engineers. While considering and implementing upgrades to your JS stack, web application and other software tools, the right partner will also ensure that upgrades to your application are in lockstep with the actual needs of your customers.

5. Can you help me achieve -- or maintain -- my competitive edge?

In today’s marketplace, speed is of the essence. Whether you are looking to issue new or upgraded applications to drive revenue, enter new markets, or otherwise optimize the return on your technology investment, you’ll be best positioned to accomplish this with the right software development company on your side. This will ensure fast release cycles, paired with an incremental and iterative approach, that can effectively shorten the time between conception and deployment.


In building a highly specialized mobile app, you’re signing up for a process that will take time and effort, and will require specific unique skills, experience, knowledge, and insights in order to achieve a successful deliverable.

 Take the time to ask these five questions -- in that way, you will ensure that you’ll find a development partner that will effectively cater to all of your requirements, and deliver products that will meet or exceed your -- and your consumer’s -- expectations.





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  6. Meeting expectations
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