Harnessing the Power of .NET Content to Create Responsive Websites

Development with .NET, a software framework developed by Microsoft, has always offered unique advantages for a variety of businesses. Not only does it give teams an extensive class library and language interoperability across several programming languages, but it also streamlines corporate projects and reduces time to market by allowing developers to leverage pre-established templates.

Austin, TX. -April 23rd, 2018.  Harnessing the Power of .NET Content to Create Responsive Websites

As consumer technology and the desire for mobile services rapidly evolved, however, responsive design became a challenge for .NET developers generating HTML from the server. The emergence of tools like Bootstrap allowed them to solve the issue of having multiple layouts. Also, it created a solution for generating entire content on the server. Instead, development professionals could now produce the basic design and leave the rest to libraries like jQuery, Kendo UI, and most recently, AngularJS and React.

If you are an enterprise owner who is interested in creating a responsive corporate website on the backend side, consider combining Bootstrap with the ASP.NET for your next project. Bootstrap offers features that will help you scale from smartphones to desktops to tablets. Learn more about this popular web framework for developing responsive applications and how a skilled development team can help if you need extra support.  

Developing a Better Customer Experience

Mexico’s El Cid Resorts offers timeshare experiences that fit vacationers’ unique lifestyles. As the travel industry rapidly evolved in the digital space, the company began searching for an efficient way to automatically update their timeshare owners about resort features and benefits. They also wanted to help them book their dream vacations on a more regular basis.

Using the .NET framework, iTexico developed an interactive application to provide El Cid’s clients with videos, photos, and activity lists available to view on mobile devices. Using a team of dedicated and skilled UX/UI designers, product managers, developers, and testers, iTexico connected the iPad application to their customer database using a combination of Xamarin.iOS, HTML, .NET and Web API 2.0.

Your business can use the power of .NET content powered by Bootstrap to build a responsive website to serve your clients’ needs. Even if you are B2B, a more mobile, agile way to view your products or services will increase your chances of becoming invaluable to your consumer.

How to Begin with .NET

Bootstrap is deployed as a set of JavaScript and CSS files. There are a few ways to start. If you use Visual Studio, you can apply the default starter template for the ASP.NET Core, since Bootstrap comes pre-installed. One of the most common ways is to download it from the official Bootstrap website. Many developers prefer this way, as they can add it to an ASP.NET core project by adding it to bower.json as a dependency. You can also install it from a package manager like Bower or NuGet.

Creating a Template

If you are ready to test it out, it is time to create your starter template or basic layout. Bootstrap will set up the site’s primary typography, colors, and links in CSS file. For this portion of the development, the grid layout system can be helpful. By laying out columns and rows using a series of <div> elements and their appropriate CSS classes, you will seamlessly display layouts vertically on smartphones. While developing, your project team should ensure each page is set up with current design and development standards, including proper responsive behaviors.

Additional Advantages

Jumbotron is a large, full-width section of the template page that can be used to display a large element. Some companies choose a vivid background image, eye-catching rotator, or animated call to action. You can also easily create default button classes and colors, badges, and alerts, to help support customers’ navigation through your application.

Customization is simple. While you may want to use the standard navigation bar, the Bootstrap theme supports additional styles. You can also quickly display the navbar either vertically or horizontally. Add sub-navigation items in flyouts, design custom drop-down menus that support various styling options, and extend the theme by overriding CSS. The possibilities are as varied and imaginative as the uniqueness of your business.

Responsive Website Projects with a Development Expert

If a responsive website is essential to meeting your business goals, consider partnering with an agile software development expert. iTexico is an end-to-end services company that provides websites solutions such as beautiful Bootstrap sites to disrupt product and operational inefficiencies and improve company profitability.

Nearshore Plus is a service that will provide you with a team of collaborative .NET experts, with all the benefits of offshoring without the risks. The service works similar to offshoring, except that American businesses pair with groups in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since the technologically-advanced city shares the same border near the US, it is more convenient and economical than far shore options like India, South America, and Ukraine.

It is time to design a user experience that will make your enterprise stand out from the competition. Contact us today to see how we can help you meet your customers’ requirements while reducing the time and cost it takes to deliver your website to market.

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