Understanding Blockchain Technology

If you’ve heard about blockchain in your professional circles or the news, most of the conversation is probably focused on Bitcoin. While cryptocurrency is the most famous example of the technology, it is far from its only use in development. Learn more below about the advantages of using the C# language and blockchain architecture for mobile application development, or in creating a new website. Here's what we'll cover understanding Blockchain:

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Mobile and website application development using the C# language and blockchain architecture

What Is Blockchain?

Put simply, blockchain is a global Internet database accessible to anyone with a computer. A fully digital ledger of records arranges blocks of data, which link with one another through secure cryptographic validation. This hashing function makes the system virtually unbreakable.

In the blockchain system, information is permanently stored through a network of computers that both house and decentralize the data. This enormous electronic system allows users to build applications on top, like email. In addition to building programs into blockchain that allow financial institutions’ loans and bonds to be represented, innovations can also be used to improve the security and encryption of the “Internet of Things.”

Blockchain can protect data owned by a variety of organizations by creating a verifiable record of any file or contract. This advantage is useful in any industry operating on Big Data, such as the healthcare industry or public sector. Future-forward developers understand the ability to better track and distribute security software updates with blockchain.

Blockchain technology provides business with both transparency and security. Programmers often describe it as an online bulletin board with easily traceable notices of transactions. Since a digital signature must accompany them, no one can change nor delete them.

In addition, millions of users make it extremely difficult to take down the network. It also saves money. Since there are no middleman databases like a bank or a financial institution, companies and their customers do not need to pay transaction fees to do business. Records inside this chain are accessible by everyone, even those in low-income areas, and are unchangeable by any one party.

What Is the C# Language?

C# is a dynamic development language established in 2000 by Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg. While the language is well known for building desktop games, developers can also use it for projects like XML web services and distributed components. These advantages allow for the swift creation of object-rich websites and native mobile apps.

There are several language constructs within C# that make it straightforward and easy to use. Method signatures known as delegates enable encapsulated, type-safe event notifications. Inline XML documentation comments and Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) make it simple to develop various software components. Attributes give development teams critical data regarding types at run time, while properties evaluate apps and return the value of private member variables.

While there are a seemingly endless number of software tools already developed with C# programming, popular applications and programs include KeePass, a password management application, Open Dental, an open-source dentistry practice management software, and statistical survey app Colectica. Advantages of KeePass development with C# include robust cryptography, like enhanced runtime and offline security. Using C# also allows for robust plugin support, as well as the easy storage of passwords into manageable groups. Limitations of using the language for the KeePass backend include compiling code.

While any practice that wants to run Open Dental needs to use Windows, development in C# bears many perks, including easily mobility and scalability. In addition, Colectica developers chose C# so clients could quickly and easily design and distribute information using open data standards. Changes to the software must be tested to avoid recompiling the application and deploying it again. According to most developers and their client organizations, however, there are more pros to using the language than cons.

Combining C# with Blockchain for Development

Developers can build upon blockchain architecture by using C#. Intended as an alternative to its cousin language, Java, C# allows for the construction of powerful and secure applications in the Windows .NET framework. Since the Windows .NET framework is often used in corporate environments, it makes it a great tool for both large businesses and growth-oriented startups. As a modernized language, C# combines the best elements of the popular and dynamic languages C and C++. Development teams who are familiar with Java, C, and C++ find C# both adaptable and easy to learn.  

Working with a Team of C# and Blockchain Experts

iTexico’s NearshorePlus service provides your enterprise with a team of C# and blockchain development experts to create your sleek and secure application without the risks of offshoring. American teams pair with skilled programming groups in Guadalajara, Mexico. Since the innovative city shares the same border with the US, it offers the most convenient and economic offshoring option available.

Become one of the leading businesses focused on the benefits of app development with C# and blockchain. Contact us to see how we can help you meet your customers’ needs while reducing the time and cost it takes to deliver your technology to market.


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