Bright Futures in Technology Spotlighted At Hackatour in Cancun

If the future of technology is indeed bright, you can credit events like the recent Hackatour in Cancun, Mexico, for providing fuel for such illumination.
More than 70 technology-minded collegians were teamed with software professionals -- including a team from iTexico -- to strategize ideas at Hackatour, a weekend conclave where bright minds unite to create and share innovative technological solutions. The event, sponsored by iTexico and presented by Software Guru, was held at the Tech Garage facility in Cancun.
During the Hackatour -- held the weekend of November 24 and 25 and attracting students and developers from Playa del Carmen, Merida, Chetumal, Campeche and throughout the state of Quintana Roo -- participants were challenged to build solutions centering on tourism (apropos given the locale of the weekend event) and financial technology.
As the weekend unfolded, it was apparent that many of the the competing teams were inspired by an oft-bemoaned challenge in the popular tourist destination -- the costs borne by tourists commuting between Cancun’s most popular attractions. Other competitors sought to tackle the financial technology challenge by developing loyalty programs or electronic wallet apps using the Walabi platform.

Between strategy and work sessions, Hackatour participants heard presentations from a wealth of industry experts, and received direct mentoring, which included guidance offered by iTexico team members Gabriel Martínez, a full stack developer; and Hector Ignacio Marín and Ernesto Martinez, senior software engineers.
The first place team, named "Eccker Technologies," focused on a crowd computing solution that enabled users to view ad-free content on their devices in exchange for use of spare bandwidth on their CPUs. Runner-up team “DOMOTEL” developed a means to use Android, Arduino and wireless technologies to control various devices connected via the same electrical system.
Additionally, in a separate challenge sponsored by iTexico, a team consisting of Daniel Alejandro Castañeda Duran, Luis Antonio Mendoza Sanchez, Juan Carlos Nahuat Mex, Humberto Ponce Chavez, and Eduardo Luis Morales Sanchez emerged victorious by developing a project that supported subject matter experts (SMEs) by identifying them on an application platform, facilitating the location and basic information of their company.

Other local sponsors supporting Hackatour at Cancun included:
Price Travel Holding
Dolphin Discovery
Additionally, the Hackatour tour is sponsored by .Tech, which provides domains for participants, and IoT Net, which contributes hardware for the Internet of Things (IoT).

iTexico is excited to participate in this and future editions of Hackatour -- and will do so well into 2018. The first edition of the new year will be held in Guadalajara on February 10 and 11.
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