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If you were asked about artificial intelligence 20 years ago, there's a high probability that your mind would have wandered to the thought of highly smart and autonomous robots taking over most human tasks. Current situation could not be further from that: AI refers to the ability of a computer to learn to perform human associated tasks, such as reasoning, generalizing, or learning from past experiences. Today, AI is demonstrating its significance in almost all industries, with the AI industry experiencing rapid growth and an expected valuation of $190 billion by 2025.

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Would AI Improve Cyber Security on its Own?

As cyberattacks across industries of all verticals continue growing in quantity and complexity, conventional systems are rendered incapable of keeping up, with AI stepping in to efficiently tackle the problem. AI applications are helping businesses stay ahead of these threats by detecting potentially malicious activities by utilizing complex algorithms to pattern recognize and detect viruses and malware. AI provides instant insights to help you fight through the noise of thousands of daily alerts, drastically reducing response times.

AI is making a significant impact on cybersecurity and its benefits in this industry are far beyond one could imagine. Let’s have a look at some of them.




Updating Databases and Identifying Large Scale Movements

By analyzing data collected from different records and logs, a security testing company can leverage AI to identify new threats that are being spread by hackers. AI can also analyze data across multiple channels to identify spyware and malware before they hurt your system.


Identifying Suspicious Activity

AI’s strength is its capability to analyze large amounts of data and this enables it to scan a system for abnormal activities as it learns over time to determine what activities are abnormal. Constant monitoring of users can detect the occurrence of unauthorized access. If unusual activity is detected, AI can step in and determine whether the activity is a threat or just a false alarm by using certain parameters. Machine learning can play an important role in helping AI differentiate between normal and abnormal activities. This process will further improve as technology advances. AI can help you determine the root cause of the underlying issues by a thorough analysis of different activities, their comparisons, system scans, and warning alerts.



AI can pinpoint security flaws, bugs, and weaknesses to strengthen your systems. Following are the aspects AI cover in detection:

  • Injection SQL vulnerabilities
  • Buffer overflow
  • Human error
  • Malware threats



Along with detection, AI also plays its part in the prevention of flaws from being exploited. From adding additional firewalls to fixing coding errors, AI can take meaningful steps to ensure the prevention of problems.



Once a malware enters the system and is detected, the next step is the response. Without a proper response plan, malware can damage the system and compromise your data. AI covers various aspects of response such as patching security flaws, removing the virus from the system, ensuring placement of additional protections, and damage control to prevent the virus from infecting the system again.


AI and Cybersecurity in Different Industries

E-commerce is an industry growing at a tremendous rate. The nature of this industry demands its players to follow security protocols strictly and keep their security systems up-to-date. For example, AI can be useful in preventing credit card fraud. It can look out for unusual devices, locations, or unusual amounts of transactions to help prevent unauthorized purchases. It can also contribute to biometric security systems by accurately detecting users via face, eye, and fingerprint recognition systems. Machine learning can also guide users in choosing passwords, and warn them if their passwords are not safe enough.



While these gains are significant, there’s still a great amount of potential to be fulfilled by AI. It’s just the beginning. AI has room for improvement in learning when an activity is truly abnormal, for example, a login from a new location doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a case of fraud, it can also mean that the user is currently traveling. Still, AI will continue to be leveraged by a security testing company or software company that wants to increase detection rates, improve detection times, protect systems, prevent malware from spreading, and increase customer security. And while AI still has a lot of ground to cover, it has started to have a real impact on the cybersecurity landscape.

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