A Secret Recipe for How to Make a Successful App


Mobile applications have been coming frequently into the market at a much faster pace. Pretty needless to say that the competition in the mobile app market is vigorous. So if you are all set to make an app, it’s going to be an uphill task for sure. 

Be it any a genre, there is so much variety available that users don’t accept anything that does not meet their standard. However, giving up is never a good option. We ensure the success of your app if you subscribe to the following guidelines:


1. Conduct extensive research

So you have suddenly woken up with an idea, and now you want to model an app on that very concept. Well, it is not the right way to move forward. Regardless of how good your proposal might sound, you need to undertake some research to be on the safe side. 

As mentioned earlier, so many apps are being launched these days. Presently, there are more than 2.7 million android apps. Therefore, if your app is even slightly similar to the existing ones, then it is less likely to taste success. 

One way to assist the needs of people is to exploit a well-known question-answer site Quora. People usually address their pain points on Quora, which will help you to weigh down the demand of your idea. To sum up, never allow your excitement to come in the way of market research.    


2. Be focused on the core feature

It is very tempting to adjust too many features in your app. However, that’s a flawed approach because it will distract you from the main purpose of your app. Understand, all good apps have one thing in common, that is, they offer quality instead of quantity. 

As an app developer, you should stick to the formula of less is more. Moreover, adding too many features could be bad for the user experience because they will occupy more space and require faster internet to work. 

Don’t assume that all the people using your app would have access to a speedy connection. Similarly, the majority of the users don’t have high-end devices to support an application with a big memory footprint. As AirG app reviews emphasize, keeping your app lightweight and relevant is the way to go.


3. Keep it simple

It is not always about what you offer but also how you offer. This is the hallmark of a poor app that it always ends up making life difficult for the users instead of simplifying it. When features are difficult to use, you scare people away.  

Whatever purpose your app is going to serve, make sure it does so effortlessly. If people have to read the guidelines time and again to utilize your app or find your navigation problematic, then your app is probably going to have a short shelf life.  

4. Offline functionality is key

Over the last few years, the accessibility to the internet has improved leaps and bounds. It is pretty much available everywhere these days. Whether you are traveling or sitting in a coffee shop, it is not much of a hurdle to get connected to wifi. 

However, emergencies don’t come with prior warnings, and in such a situation it is great to have an application that works without the internet. If not entirely, users must have access to some of its features and content without the internet. 

As we know, a sizeable portion of all the developed app does not work offline. So it’s a great way to make your app stand out from the rest. It is one of the main tips to improve mobile app performance

5. Provide robust customer care

Customer service is another important area where you have to pay proper attention. Feedback is key to improvement, and without having a quality customer service system in place, users will have a hard time to share their responses. 

Moreover, users find it frustrating to wait longer when they are in dire need of your help. Poor customer service will badly influence the retention rate. Marketing experts agree that nothing triggers negative reviews more than a broken customer service program.  

6. Make it available for Android and IOS

Given the growing popularity of the iPhone, it’s good to develop an app for IOS users. However, one should not overlook the importance of android at the same time. When it comes to apps, Android holds about 50 percent market share. 

You can start with the IOS platform first up, but Android has to be in your pipeline. 


7. Offer free downloading

In order to maximize the range and scope of your app, you must offer it free of cost – especially in the beginning phase. Early on, you should encourage as many downloads as possible. Aiming for revenue instead of traffic is a non-starter. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

Even charging a small fee like 0.99$ is not recommended. 0.99$ is not the same as 0.00$. Though, once your app has made its mark and giving people something of added value, you can always consider introducing premium features.      


8. Update frequently 

The reason why most of the apps don’t thrive is that developers forget about their apps once they hit the market. It can’t get any worse than that. Knowing that smartphone and IOS technology keeps modifying, you can’t keep updates out of the equation. 

At times, the testing system fails to track bugs that hamper user experience. With frequent updates, you can nib in the bud of such issues as well and keep the user experience right up there.  


9. Compatibility is key

Smartphones come in all sizes. So, naturally, we have mobile phones with various screen sizes in the market. Make sure your app is optimized for as many screen sizes as possible. You can effectively deal with compatibility issues after going through the guidelines of IOS and Android. 


Final Thoughts 

With 2500 apps being added regularly in Google Play Store, it is indeed tough to keep up with the cut-throat competition. However, taking the above measures will surely make life easier for you and enhance the chances of making a successful app.  


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