If you’ve ever had the experience of working in a company with an inadequate or toxic culture, you’ll know just how much it can impact your motivation, mindset, productivity, and those around you. Simply put, companies with strong, healthy organizational cultures perform better:

  • Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability
  • Workers who feel their voice is heard across their organization, are almost 5x more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work
  • Companies that actively work on managing their culture have 40% higher employee retention
  • 89% of employees at companies that support well-being initiatives are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work 

When looking for reliable partners to embark on a digital transformation journey, it's important to take into consideration several crucial aspects like company culture and values, because, ultimately, the happiness and well-being of those extended teams will impact the success of your project. 



Defining Culture in Business

Company culture is the combination of customs, social behaviors, goals, code of ethics, values, beliefs, and environment. It’s the way employees feel about where they work, the work they do, the values they believe in, where their company is going and what they’re purposely doing to get there and achieve collective goals. 

We can basically view company culture as the personality of the business. And as with personality, a good company culture is vital to a healthy work environment and one of the key reasons an individual decides to join a specific team or organization. It influences behavior from top to bottom. 

It shapes the business environment, motivates people to want to come into work, and helps build a strong relationship within the organization.


What is the iTexican Culture?

Armando López, iTexico’s Talent Management specialist, shares some insights about the organizational culture at iTexico and how it reinforces unity and cohesion amongst iTexicans. 

“The iTexican culture means having the same identity amongst everyone in the organization, with the same core values, and supporting an organized growth. A sense of community and belonging within a close family even though we’re growing exponentially year by year. We like keeping communication channels wide open. 

As part of the Talent Management department, we are what we like to call “Chief Happiness Officer”: a companionship that starts in the recruitment process, all the way through onboarding and the day-to-day activities during the whole business relationship, with the challenge of making it a long-lasting one. Lending a hand to solve issues, and supervising code of ethics and policies are being complied with so we keep a healthy, peaceful coexistence. We also support career paths alongside delivery management and organize recreational activities, whether remote or face-to-face, so there’s a healthy life-work balance." 

"Those companies where employees would just show up while being unhappy hold an old-school scheme. A happy person is a productive person. That's why, even during these times when we’re fully remote, we have translated all our extra curricular activities to fit the remote world: virtual thirsty Thursdays, cooking classes, life coaching sessions, tech trainings, to name a few." 


"We work hard to make all iTexicans feel like the office is their home away from home, with a warm and cozy culture that makes everyone feel part of a community with a bigger purpose. At iTexico, teamwork and collaboration goes beyond a labor transaction: it’s emotional bonds, being comfortable and content with who you are. 

Our core values are: teamwork, adaptability, professionalism, communication, customer service, and initiative.”


Q: Why do you consider it important for IT companies to draft a serious talent management strategy?

A: Because the IT industry is highly competitive, with many attractive financial offers and a lot of mobility options. Retention wise, a correct management of a company 's talent is crucial in order to get employees feeling engaged and forming bonds with their place of work beyond the labor transaction, which in turn, ensures our clients’ goals are met or exceeded as well. 

A healthy company culture translates into happy people.


Q: What are the main retention techniques you use at iTexico? 

A: We support employees' career advancement from the very beginning, with the full support of delivery management and operations. iTexicans have the opportunity and flexibility to explore their own professional development inside the company. We also reinforce an open door policy with our co-founders.


Q: In what way is iTexico’s talent management unique when compared to other companies? 

Closeness between high-level executives and our talent. Regardless of our exponential growth, there’s still a feeling of being a small company, a community, a family. Employees are allowed to propose and challenge from the very beginning with flexible processes and direct communication. This helps people to be focused solely on their projects and not on any bureaucratic processes.



Wrapping Up

In the long run, company culture is all about alignment. Alignment and movement towards a shared goal and vision, that allows people to work unitedly, with a common purpose. 

Company culture is important to employees and employers alike: workers are more likely to appreciate their work when their values, goals, and needs are aligned to their workplace and employers. Happy and satisfied employees tend to be more productive, stay in the company for longer, and recommend it as a good place to work, reducing turnaround and added costs of looking for and training new hires. 

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