iTexico: An Innovation Success Story in the Technology Industry of Jalisco

The Secretary of Innovation, Science and Technology (SICYT) of Jalisco released a new book titled “Innovation in Jalisco, Success Stories 2015” which contains stories of different business and how they have appointed new ideas in the tech industry. iTexico was included as one of the success stories due to its software development project focused on SMAC (social, mobile/analytics/cloud).

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Guadalajara, Mexico. May

Last week, the secretary of Innovation Science and Technology, Jaime Reyes, presented the book “Innovation in Jalisco, Success Stories 2015” a compilation of 16 projects that have been supported by the SICYT through different government programs. iTexico participated with their project of cloud infrastructure and development of solutions specifically designed to use and exploit the benefits of decentralized computing, guidance of social networking, mobile technologies, apps behavior analysis and cloud computing (SMAC).

The book seeks to strengthen the state in the technology industry for national and international business to gain attraction to Mexico, specifically to Jalisco, the state with more growth in the technology industry. That is why is focused on success stories of Mexican companies that have been growing in the industry and making a big impact on the economy.

iTexico’s COO, Guillermo Ortega, was interviewed by the book publisher at the end of September 2015 to talk more about the innovation of iTexico’s project and how they’ve been developing it. According to Ortega there are four elements within iTexico: Innovation Project, Talent, Delivery, Cooperative Government and Commercialization & Marketing.

“Our constant contact with the US markets shows us not only the technology trends but also it set the pace of the speed of adoption. It also allow us to realize that in Mexico the speed of adoption or identifying technologies is slower. Through that we saw an opportunity to implement SMAC solutions.” said Guillermo Ortega.

About iTexico
iTexico is a global software technology company that helps clients build and support mobile and fullstack software solutions by leveraging nearshore agile expert teams in US and Mexico at a competitive price. The company has a team of over 120 expert professionals in Austin and Mexico that have worked with with more than 100 clients in US and Canada. In 2015, iTexico was ranked number 188 on Inc. 500 and Number 11 on Austin Fast Fifty.


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