On Demand Delivery App: Bring Productivity To Your Traditional Business


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Mobile innovations and advanced technologies have changed the manner in which many businesses work. The restaurant and retail industry is a zone where mobile applications have been leaving a vast impact, and their revenue is also increasing rapidly as compared to other sectors. 

From the last couple of years, the word “on-demand delivery” is becoming popular as it comes with many benefits. They have noticed a more than a 500% growth rate in the number of customers over the last three years. Especially after the pandemic, it is expected to grow higher.  

The usage of on-demand delivery apps is becoming unbreakable with time. Since technology has grown, people are enjoying doorstep deliveries. Whereas business owners are also adopting cutting-edge technology solutions to cater to the needs of their customers in order to earn more revenue. 


On Demand Delivery Market Statistics

A couple of years back, on-demand delivery apps were luxury but now seating back on the couch and getting things like grocery, food, medicine, and other essentials at our doorstep is a necessity. We all know very well that the online delivery market is booming so let’s have a look at some interesting facts and figures. 

According to Apptopia, daily downloads of food and grocery delivery apps in the USA, increasing because the majority of people are shifting to online mode. 

As per the report from Adroit Market Research, the online food delivery market will hit $161.74 billion by the year 2023 globally. 

In 2020, there are more than 44.1 million smartphone users who use food and grocery delivery apps on their smartphones and will surpass 60 million in the coming years.

As per the Global Data Analysis and Forecast, by 2022, more than 10% of all grocery sales will likely be made online. 

The above facts clearly indicate that investing in an on-demand delivery app will add value to your traditional business. Perhaps, this is why more and more restaurants are developing an ubereats like app as it ensures profitability and better conversion ratio. 


On Demand Delivery Apps In a Digital World

Smart technology at present has gifted us with something special that is called a delivery app. To fulfill the everyday needs of any individual, there is an app that comes with many features. There are many online delivery apps through which one can order food, grocery, medicine, and whatnot. These apps are robust and user-friendly. However, these apps offer many benefits such as

  1. Improved customer service
  2. Extensive range of products
  3. Easy process
  4. Hassle-free delivery of products

In this digital world, irrespective of size and business type, all need to be digitally strong. If you have an on-demand delivery app for your business, you can reach out to consumers easily and monitor all the activities. 

If you are a restaurant or running any retailer store but lack a website or delivery app, you might lose a number of sales and consumers. Having an on-demand delivery app allows users to access your products and services round the clock. Gradually it will increase your sales and foster brand loyalty. 


On Demand Delivery Apps Can Maximize Your Business’s ROI

As we said earlier, we are living in a digital world where people are spending most of their time on smartphones. If your retail business has a delivery app, you can attract consumers and establish strong relations with them in a most personalized way.  

Moreover, people today are looking for quick solutions, and an on-demand delivery app is one of the best ways that connects users and owners digitally to fulfil specific tasks. If you are in the food or grocery industry, having an on-demand delivery app will increase your ROI and make a strong customer base. 

An online delivery app is the best way to contact your existing consumers and get new customers easily. Using an on-demand delivery app, you can provide offers, deals, and other attractive deals to your users through push notifications. It will help you stay connected with consumers and their evolving needs. 


On Demand Delivery Apps, a Must For Modern Business 

Businesses that use on-demand delivery apps and services admit that they boost sales and revue in no time. One of the main advantages on-demand delivery apps offer is that all kinds of businesses can leverage them, whether it is food, grocery, medicine, or any other. 

Moreover, by having this on-demand delivery app, you can boost sales and also cater to a geographically large area with the least challenges. In the long run, you will have the edge over your competitors. Therefore, we can say that on-demand delivery apps have taken the traditional business and contributing its major share in overall business growth. 

One path towards designing, developing and launching a successful business mobile application is to utilize a mobile app development company like iTexico, now part of Improving. Through our nearshore delivery model, we can provide a highly skilled extended team for your needs in a cost-competitive manner. Reach out to us and share your ideas so we can provide help. 


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