A growing number of technology-focused companies are reaping the benefits of Nearshoring. Nearshoring is the outsourcing of critical business processes, such as software development, to skilled experts and teams in another nation. The business model is designed to reduce operational costs while allowing enterprises to employ an experienced team of IT experts to innovate their business.

While many Nearshoring organizations come from locations such as India, South America, and Ukraine, iTexico’s Nearshore+ multidisciplinary talent and teams are situated in the technological hubs of Mexico, which means they share the same border, are more closely aligned in communication and culture with the United States. Since Nearshore+ combines a US-based management team with a highly-educated, real-world and proficient group of software development professionals in the Central time zone, choosing Nearshore+ over other Nearshoring or Farshoring allows businesses to innovate better while reducing the time, cost, and risk it takes to deliver a product or service to market.

Advantages NearshorePLUS Brings to Your Business

There are many advantages of iTexico’s Nearshore Plus over regular Nearshoring. These include:

  • Minimal Travel Restrictions: 

Mexico remains a popular business and leisure destination for U.S. citizens. A passport or WHTI-compliant travel document is all that is needed to enter the country.    

  • Shorter Travel Time:

Traveling to Nearshore companies in Europe and India from the United States takes at least 12-18 hours. A flight to Mexico is approximately 2-4 hours from most American cities, which allows business executives to engage in team building and improved collaboration without spending an extended length of time abroad.     

  • IP Protection through NAFTA:

The North American Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the United States protects American intellectual property, so companies never have to worry about losing rights to patents, copyrights, or trademarks. Other Nearshore countries do not provide this same benefit. 

  •  Well-Educated Tech Talent:

Guadalajara, Mexico is home to a considerable amount of technology-based IT universities and institutes. As a result, Mexico currently educates more than 70,000 engineering students. They also graduate more than 9,000 technical and engineering graduates per year. Due to their unique educational structure, American businesses benefit from some of the most talented software minds in the world. 

  • Access to Technology Innovation:

Mexico boasts more than 50 technology innovation parks and incubators, over 1,200 high-tech companies, and establishes more than 120 high-impact IT startups per year. Its commitment to providing the best in tech makes it a popular site for several U.S. blue-chip organizations.

Why Our Clients Love Nearshore Plus

Our clients prefer iTexico Nearshoring over other options because they can easily collaborate with our development teams during their workday. It’s also convenient for them to travel to our development centers. Since we share the same border, there are fewer gaps in communication, which allows for better integration and faster results. A large availability of talent in critical areas like Mobile, Design, AI, and DevOps allows our customers to scale their projects up or down without making long-term commitments. They also love that every app and website is a creative, quality product that still remains cost competitive.

If your business is looking for a better way to Nearshore, iTexico’s Nearshore Plus experts can help. Our US-based management team is ready to connect you with the right multidisciplinary team of the motivated and skilled frontend, backend, and quality assurance experts in close proximity to your business. To learn more about Nearshore with iTexico and to get started on your software development project, visit our website.


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