Nearshore Development: Improving’s New Cost Competitive Service Offering


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The digital innovation and technology landscape is ever changing. We all know this, and it has become abundantly clear through 2020. Technologies have played a crucial role in keeping our society functional and businesses up and running in a time of lockdowns and uncertainty. There’s been a rise of digital and remote workplace technologies, digital payments, telehealth, distance learning, security, and everything else that seems to be rising to keep us resilient in the face of disruption. 

Business leaders’ needs are also changing due to this acceleration of digitalization. According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending will grow 4% in 2021, totalling $3.8 trillion. Companies have more IT and digital transformation to do but less money to achieve it, with outsourced and extended service partners at the front line to support their digital business in a cost competitive manner. 

Improving, a leading provider of technology, consulting, and custom software development services has recently launched a new service offering to its customers that leverages highly skilled talent in Mexico in a nearshore delivery model. With over 300 professionals added to cater to rising cost competitive demands for AI, cloud, mobile and software engineering, Improving now has offices across all major countries in North America: The United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

To address the needs of global clients that are facing the challenge of increased projects but limited budgets, this unique service offers scalability and a large talent pool at a much lower cost, keeping trust and quality in the front line. 


Why Choose Nearshore Development in Mexico?

Curtis Hite, Improving’s CEO, knows a thing or two about growth. After beginning his career as a software engineer building systems in the defense industry, becoming CEO of Valtech’s North American operations, and finally establishing his own company, Hite has led Improving for more than a decade through continued growth based in their commitment to establishing trust with their clients and delivering quality results. 

In this conversation, Hite talks about the reasons behind expanding Improving’s operations into Mexico with nearshore delivery services through the acquisition of iTexico. 



What made you look into Mexico as a new region to expand Improving’s operations?

"Improving looked into Mexico as a Nearshore location for a few reasons, however first Improving was looking to expand its service offerings for our clients and prospective clients and we saw that we needed to add either a Nearshore or an Offshore capability to our services. And once we decided to do that we did a pretty extensive evaluation of many locations throughout the world and there were several reasons why we chose Mexico. First and most attractive is we were looking for an emerging market more than one that had been around for decades, and therefore Mexico by that criteria became very very attractive to us. The access to talent, our ability to create brand in a market even for a company of our size, and finally, as I’ve mentioned previously, just the access to talent seems to be more accessible there. Geographic, proximity, and time zone were also considerations which are more conducive to where a majority of our business is today which is in the United States." 


What are you most excited about expanding Improving’s operations to the Nearshore market in Latin America?

"I’m very excited about expanding our offerings into Latin America. First, it adds a service that we’ve never been able to provide to our customers and our prospective customers before. In addition, this rounds out our strategy about including all of the major countries in North America, so now we will have offices in the United States, in Canada, and Mexico." 


What are some of the biggest challenges IT leaders will face in 2021, and how can Improving help tackle them differently through its Nearshore offering?

"I believe one of the biggest challenges that IT leaders will face in 2021 is a pent up backlog of projects yet limited budgets. The pandemic environment of 2020 caused many organizations to cut back their spending and also put certain projects on hold. But now moving into 2021 as we are emerging out of the pandemic environment there is a lot of work to be done yet the amount of money that these organizations have to spend is limited and that is why actually the Nearshore strategy and bringing on iTexico as Improving’s Nearshore partner and Nearshore offering has become so important. I see this problem itself to be one of the biggest challenges: increased projects and increased backlog with limited budget." 


Wrapping Up

2020 has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows businesses and life in general to continue as usual (at least as much as possible) during unusual times. Building the necessary infrastructure and staying current through digital innovation will be essential for any organization wishing to remain competitive and grow their revenue in a post pandemic world. Helping our clients achieve business digital transformation is the specialty of iTexico. If you’re interested in learning more about what iTexico, an Improving company can do for you through its nearshore delivery services, drop us a line.

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