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Hey guys!
After a long long time that I haven’t written any article I decided to start sharing little samples of code and videos from the latest technology I have learned: Appcelerator’s Titanium.
As a quick and simple review, Titanium is a framework to make native cross platform mobile and desktop applications based on JavaScript. Cool right? You can find all the necessary information to start creating iPhone/iPad/Android/MobileWeb Apps here: and don’t forget to read the docs to have a better comprehension of what Titanium can do at:

So let’s start with this little module based on Appcelerator KitchenSink app that what it really does is create a modal information popup, that you can use to show the user any kind of “alert” messages. This code has been tested on iPhone, iPad and Android with Ti SDK 2.0.1+.
At the moment I’m only including the chances to add some text. I’m going to add a couple of options to display and image and an native activity indicator.
Here is the modelview.js file:

 * Modal Info View module - Titanium JS
 * @author César Cavazos - @cesarcvz
 * Based on:<a href=""></a>
 * Open an infomation modal anywhere in hour app
 * @param {String} text
 * @param {Object} params
exports.showInfo = function(text, params) {
        //TODO: Add params like images/icons
        params = (params) ? params : {};
    var infoWindow = Titanium.UI.createWindow({
    var background = Titanium.UI.createView({
    var message = Titanium.UI.createLabel({
    var animationProperties = {delay: 1500, duration: 300, opacity: 0.1};
    if (Ti.Platform.osname == "iPhone OS") {
        animationProperties.transform = Ti.UI.create2DMatrix()
    infoWindow.animate(animationProperties, function(){ infoWindow.close(); });

To use this you only need to add these two lines to your code:

var Modal = require('modalview');
Modal.showInfo("This is an information modal view", { duration : 500 });

The first one can be added at the beginning of your file and the second one you should use it every time you need to send a modal information message. By default the duration of the modal is 300 ms but you can change it to whatever you need.

Here are some images:


modal android resized 600


modal iphone resized 600


modal ipad resized 600

Mobile Web

modal mobileweb resized 600

You can download the public gist from here:
What do you think that can be added to this little module to make it better?

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