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Mexico is the nearshore neighbor located below the southern United States border and home of mariachi music, delicious dishes and friendly people. It has been recently subject of many conversations surrounding economic development, and media coverage on multiple issues from multiple high-profile news outlets such as the New York Times discussing a very interesting topic: the Potential of Technology in Mexico.

Precedents and background

The Mexican economy has been steadily increasing for several years now and the country’s capabilities in industries such as manufacturing have been making the news headlines. On September 19, 2012, The Financial Times reported that Mexico was exporting more manufactured products than the rest of Latin America put together. Also, The New York Times has recently put a lot of attention in the somewhat untold story of the technology industry in Mexico: the increasingly popular technology parks, the ever-growing number of start-ups and the highly skilled talent within Mexico’s young professionals (a staggering fifty percent of the Mexican population is under 29). It is indeed an interesting story... lets find out more about it!


The changing landscape

The Mexico from the past is long gone. There’s a massive tidal wave of young entrepreneurs and talented engineers who grew up in the information age.  They learned the do’s and dont's from the startup movement in Silicon Valley and are creating complete ecosystems aiming to become competitive in the global market. These are exciting times for the Mexican youth as they carry an attitude to break paradigms and eclipse political problems with a completely fresh approach to the economy of the future and information technologies.

A more pragmatic segment of the Mexican population as becoming aware of what this opportunity means to global markets and the advantages that new technologies bring to the table for business. Now teams can be located many miles away from each other and work collaboratively without missing a beat, meetings with clients can happen over the web instantly and quickly engage with other prospects without having to catch planes or worry about travel times and expenses.

By having these tools available and the right team assembled, organizations started to wonder if such services could be just as useful for international collaborations.

Enter nearshore

iTexico Nearshore Offices Guadalajara Mexico

The model most that us at iTexico use is nearshoring or nearshore software development services. Nearshore appeared as the alternative to offshoring, which is essentially outsourcing operations to destinations outside the country. Specifically for IT, these destinations usually include places like India, China and European countries such as Ukraine.

Nearshore uses as its main strength the proximity between regions (regions being a term broadly defined) to create real-time collaborations between teams and provide an “extension” of them.

Nearshore has become very popular in recent years due to its implementation in the IT industry and especially in increased business relations between Mexico and the United States. By providing a stable, reliable ecosystem of engineers with the right expertise and at much lower costs than hiring them locally (supposing that the talent is available, which is hardly the case), US-based organizations can achieve larger margins or incentivize growth without investing large amounts on engineering and development.  Therefore, they can use their resources to improve performance in other areas such as marketing and sales while maintaining efficient work dynamics with real-time communication across teams.

Once you think about it, it really is a no-brainer. Skilled, dedicated experts with no placing costs ready to work on your next project and easy to scale up and down for large projects.  It sounds like something you would not expect to come so easily, but with nearshore it does.

Skilled, dedicated experts ready to work on your next project and easy to scale up and down for larger projects.  It sounds like something you would not expect to come so easily, but with nearshore it does.

Your mobile opportunity is now

In the past few years, one word has been paving the way for the future of technology and consumer software: Mobile. Companies such as Google and Apple have created a whole new industry: mobile commerce. Mobile is closely attached to consumer markets in a more intimate way and has transformed technology to become more personal. The tech industry is in on the verge of a major inflection point as for the first time, according to data from the International Data Corporation, shipments of smartphones are expected to surpass shipments of feature phones (a 52.2 percent of total shipments by the end of 2013) and consolidate the importance of such market in the global economy.

Smartphones and tablets are clearly the next big thing for most vertical markets and their use is starting to expand across medical services, manufacturing, tourism, commerce, finance and many others, yet there are very few places where organizations can go to get their mobile apps built.

iTexico, with their development force based in Mexico, offers an alternative to businesses and corporations in the US.  The skilled team of mobile app professionals understands how to plan, design and build these mobile apps properly. Such skill sets added on top of the many benefits that nearshore has to offer to make this a smarter decision out there for outsourcing mobile development operations.


Want to learn more?

If you’d like to know more about how nearshoring with the right team can greatly benefit your business and help you build the app you are looking for, I’d like to invite you to our upcoming webinar on June 26th 12pm CDT where I’ll be joined by Guillermo Ortega, COO of iTexico and we will revisit these topics with more depth and provide very useful answers to help you with your mobile strategy.


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