How iTexico Supports Software Engineers Superstardom

The movies love a certain portrayal as “computer geeks” – it usually goes something like this:

Slovenly dressed, usually in an untucked, button-down shirt (pen protector fully in place, of course, loaded down with a multi-hued array of ink implements), messy slacks, even messier hair.  Eyes glazed over, ringed in black and weighed down with bags larger than most carry-ons allowed by the airlines.

Most comfortable in a dimly lit room (illuminated solely by a green-screen CRT monitor, of course, for dramatic effect), these “hacker-types” are the brains behind the “operation,” but no one’s idea of the romantic hero that gets the accolades in the end.

Today, the role of software engineer indeed has been reinvented – yesterday’s overlooked, behind-the-scenes extra is today’s superstar – achieving their interstellar status thanks to a confluence of trends that have made the software engineer one of the fastest-rising professions in the globe. Perhaps promoted by rising opportunities and wages – Data USA pegs the average wage for a software engineer at about $100,000 USD – more and more people are clamoring to join the ranks of the code jockey.

In fact, there are so many fresh-faced people joining the IT profession these days, it’s become difficult to maintain an accurate count. GitHub, where most IT types collaborate, today has 21 million active users in its rolls. One resource estimates that just shy of 4.5 million software engineers have planted their flag in the U.S. And in Mexico, where iTexico has its companion base of operations, the country has rocketed to sixth place on the list of countries with the most computing graduates per year – and, including people from other professions who are switching to IT, Mexico adds roughly 120,000 new software engineers each year.

Look around the production environment of iTexico, and you’ll get a glimpse of today’s made-over IT superstar: energetic, vibrant, wearing mostly current fashions – and most importantly, firmly immersed in a healthy work-life balance that has lifted overall job satisfaction for the profession.

Of course, at iTexico, we are proud of how we work together with our associates to ensure this focus on self. We are always looking for the best and brightest talent in software engineering, and are pleased to offer a healthy package of perks to ensure the best and brightest want to work with us and our amazing clients.

Among the goodies that come with an iTexico badge include:

  •   Competitive salary

As one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S., iTexico offers salaries that are among the top tier in the profession.

  •   Fully equipped

Software engineers are bestowed with cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure the job is done efficiently.

  •   Training and certifications

At iTexico, associates receive ongoing training to help the team, and the company, maintain its competitive edge. This training and certification regimen also is a key factor in its successful relationship with its clients.

  •   It's not just work

iTexico encourages a healthy approach to work-life balance.

  •   Flexible schedules

iTexico offers scheduling flexibility, including the ability to work remotely – this ensures that both company and employee are partners in their mutual success.

  •   Medical expenses

iTexico offers best-in-class coverage for minor and major medical expenses.

  •   Bring your kids to the office

Because often, parenting needs require our attention, we allow the flexibility to bring children to the office when it is necessary.

  •    Location is everything

Our offices are located in Austin, Guadalajara, Aguascalientes, and Cancún in the most connected parts of the city – so commuting is a breeze, and leisure activities and other exploits lie just outside our doorstep.

Interested in achieving A-list status with your software engineer career goals? Reach out today!

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