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Improver Spotlights: Arturo Mosqueda, Technical Lead and Delivery Manager


iTexico, an Improving Company is always striving to attract the right talent: experts in their field who are passionate about asking the right questions and solving the right problems, in order to help our clients achieve digital innovation and business transformation.

The Improver Spotlight series aims to highlight the talented individuals who work here, and today we’re covering our senior developer, technical lead, and account delivery manager, Arturo Mosqueda. 



How would you describe your job in 4 words?

Challenging, fun, interesting, and sometimes quite tasking. 


Explain what your job consists of. 

My job consists of enabling teams to learn and improve day to day, servicing Improvers and clients alike, so they can achieve their technical goals. 


How does a workday look like for you?

A normal day starts by making sure everything is ok with my teams and they are ready to start their activities; then I move ahead to checking my email just once. Then I move on to several different tasks, such as planning, analysis, coding, and meetings. At the end of the day all the effort goes towards achieving goals and moving our projects forward. 


What motivates you to get up and go to work?

Other Improvers. I obviously like growing myself but I do appreciate and love seeing my teams grow, and even people outside of my own teams. I just have to say Improvers are quite amazing people. 


What’s your favorite benefit at the company?

Flexibility of both time and practice. It helps myself and my teams to use that creative part to develop ourselves in the way we think is best and of course lean on other experts at iTexico to figure out what is the best path for us either for our career growth or to provide a solution to our customers. That mix between a solid road that you can count on and also the flexibility to provide things as you think work. 


Why was iTexico, an Improving company, your decision to continue your career? And how has your career grown since then? 

The reason I decided to move to Improving is that I was stuck in my career. I’ve spent several years in banking and though I had fun for a couple of those years, I was repeating myself and doing the same thing over and over. What iTexico, an Improving company, enabled me to do was showcasing my skills and provided me with a sandbox of projects and people to experiment with and grow a lot. 


How has iTexico, an Improving company nurtured your development in the professional landscape? 

iTexico, an Improving company, has shown me the way to several career paths, which has been amazing. I started as a developer and I still love code, but there are many other things and challenges that you can encounter and follow to solve as a technical lead or even as a delivery manager. It’s different problems that require different skill sets and it’s always fun. They have given me the opportunity to explore those roles, to playfully check myself against the roles and helped me move there and grow. 



What has been your favorite project so far?

That’s a hard one. The first project I was on here was for an advertising company. There were a lot of people in the project. It taught me how teams work, I had experience but the way we approached Agile and software development in general changed my mind in a lot of ways. And after that I’ve been in a lot of fun projects and each one has taught me a new skill. As a developer you always have this challenging factor in front of you that is both scary and exciting because you end up learning a lot of things you don’t know but you also have to figure out how to learn those, so, it’s been a fun ride. I would also say the project I’m on right now is awesome. I love the team and the process maturity that we have, enabling the developers to do their brain work. 


What has been your biggest challenge and how did you overcome it?

Team leading. Even though I’ve had teams with me before, this time at Improving I have more tools and resources, and even mentors that can teach me how to drive my team towards maturity and specially taking care of each individual, both in a professional and personal way. 


What do you consider most unique about your specific tech stack and expertise?

Right now I would call my tech stack JavaScript, although I’ve been playing with Golang and Python… but I would say that JavaScript enables flexibility of solutions, it enables you to develop anything from a webpage to a robot, to a chatbot, mobile application, or software that flies drones, so having the flexibility to build pretty much anything with a single programming language or at least with the skills that it enables you to transfer to other programming languages is great for an Agile development environment. I have nothing against other tech stacks, I’m a lover of Java and .Net, I was a Java developer myself, but I think JavaScript helps free that creative side of an engineer. 


What’s your next step? What are some goals you’d like to accomplish in life or at Improving in the next few years?

So, I was recently made an account delivery manager and I’m finding new challenges, new tests, but one thing I’d really like to accomplish is enabling the scalability and organic progression of our development teams. Ensuring that all our developers and everyone who enables achieving goals (project managers, designers, etc)., can accomplish their work as seamlessly as possible. This is a multiple part goal, so I’m starting with making sure that our processes are lean and individuals feel empowered to push for their growth, which I think is something quite valuable in a software development organization, making sure that you are aware of how you can deliver value, not just for yourself but also for everyone around you. 

"When I first started at iTexico, an Improving company, I was a bit confused actually. I started as an individual contributor, I was a Java and JavaScript developer, and we were a very small team back then, probably like 60 individuals. I came from Mexico City so when I arrived in Guadalajara pretty much the only thing I knew was iTexico and the people that worked there. And I remember those times were pretty crazy because everyone was getting offers from other companies that were picking people from everywhere, and even ourselves got our nice rate of both rotation and new hires. But eventually I understood that iTexico was already an improving company. The management layer was very open to make improvements and improvements that employees suggested. It was pretty new to me since most of my life I’ve worked with big companies where change happens not as fast and not as direct. What I noticed is I felt it was a great idea to work here and I was made aware of that again and again by the decisions my management took and especially how they enabled me to be a part of those decisions. As years passed we started scaling and the next issue that came to mind was: can we scale as fast as we are growing? And although we’ve had our ups and downs, challenges, problems… I think the decisions we have made that brought us to this point, the decisions that we all have made: iTexicans, Improvers, individual contributors, have brought us to a point where I can say “I’m ok here”. I’m growing and learning and my teammates are too. Yes we do service our customers, yes we try to promote and provide quality and efficiency in our projects but it’s also a lot about the people living day to day here, figuring out professional life among us. So iTexico has provided this sandbox, this playground, a development scenario where we can be developers and people, which has enabled growth for everyone."


At iTexico, now an Improving company, we are actively looking for talented and driven individuals in many software development tech stacks who are looking to become a part of our Improving family. If you are up for a challenge and want to become part of our team, head over to our careers section and see if there’s a spot open for you.   

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