Running Mobile Development Experiments

At iTexico Mobile Innovation Studio, we want to help you create the best possible digital experience. Keeping your end-users and their expectations top of mind, we do thorough and continuous research and testing to map your ideal product and optimize and manage functionalities for quick releases.


Why Do We Run Experiments?


The goal is to first identify and build the right features; and once built, to release them quickly, more often and with higher quality. Always keeping in mind that mobile user experience will continue to leverage multiple devices and emerging technologies.

Constant experimentation enables us to test the impact of any adjustment to the product thus ensuring new features don’t impact negatively your business before general release.

Any change, whether it’s adding new components, technical improvements, bug fix, or design tweak, should ideally be run as part of an experiment to measure potential results.

What is iTexico Mobile Innovation Studio?

We provide digital innovation with Nearshore software development teams. 



We can help you turn your idea into the driving force of your business.

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