The tide is again shifting in software development: A recent publication by Nearshore Americas, in partnership with nearshoring leaders like iTexico, indicates that User Experience (also known as UX) is quickly becoming a top priority for software development firms worldwide.

The concern? Despite the ability to keep up with most trends, current nearshore talent may not be 100 percent ready to meet today’s business and end-user demands. Why is there so much buzz in the nearshore community about UX resources – and how will companies like iTexico handle the Sea Change?


Why all the buzz about UX?

User Experience is a term that defines the quality of any and all interactions between software users and a technology product. Not to be confused with UI, or User Interface, which focuses on how a product looks and operates; UX, in contrast, takes that design and makes certain it resonates with users. From the product’s value to its accessibility and credibility, UX experts are in charge.

Since everything in business today is about the consumer or end user’s solutions and delight, software development firms of all shapes and sizes are scrambling to master UX, in addition to fundamentals like UI, in order to stay competitive.

The good news is, the software development community is staying privy to up-to-the-minute trends in development. However, as the Nearshore Americas article indicates, experts predict that fully half of today’s applications will be re-written in the next five years due to previous UX oversights. If these predictions are correct, the nearshore industry will need a considerable pool of UX experts to draw from to get the job done, while simultaneously handling new UX needs and ongoing software development shifts.  

How iTexico is Handling the Need

With the rapid increase in UX importance comes the concern of insufficient talent in Latin America. While demand for UX professionals is easily met in Silicon Valley, the market for digital design, user experience engineers, and user interface talent is still lacking in countries like Mexico. Indeed, while companies south of the American border have no problem finding skilled programmers, designers, or developers, true UX experts are scarce.

Nearshore software development companies are looking for creative ways to meet the ever-increasing need; just ask David Sandoval, our Creative Delivery Manager here at iTexico. To Sandoval, UX is misunderstood by many organizations – but thankfully, more CEOs are positioning UX as a key element in the success of a product or service.

Sandoval predicts that consumer behavior will drive the need to educate more designers in schools and tech communities about the importance of UX design. He’s also convinced that a strong tech ecosystem is vital for the future of UX, since it is crucial to learn from other teams, products, and companies, resulting in a deeper understanding of how to design for better experiences. As Sandoval explains, “those who are great will teach others; however, greatness is still very hard to come by.”

From C-suite challenges to UX’s inclusion in overall team strategy (how many UX developers should we have on hand in house?), today’s top nearshore companies are committed to solving the resources solution just as much as today’s UX experts are committed to quality User Experience. For now, nearshore organizations will focus on bolstering UX talent and educating decision makers on the monetization of UX for their business, always with an eye on the UX and overall software development market.

How are you strategizing UX in your business? Do you think the nearshore region is focusing enough on UX? Tell us below – and stay tuned to the iTexico blog for the latest User Experience news and trends.

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