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iTexico Establishes Implementation Partnership with AI Platform Jitterbit


AUSTIN, TX – Mar. 20, 2018 – While a mere 15 percent of enterprises now utilize artificial intelligence (AI), more than 30 percent of organizations plan to harness the technology within the next year. Increasing demand for streamlined, optimized process improvement and customer experience solutions has led iTexico COO and co-founder Guillermo Ortega and his team to usher in a new partnership with Jitterbit, a leader in API transformation.

As an end-to-end software development provider, iTexico recognizes the promise of this game-changing intelligent platform integration, designed to maximize internal efficiency, analyze data effectively, and enhance customer experience.

Jitterbit’s robust, user-friendly platform grants enterprises the capability to instantly infuse artificial intelligence into any business process, while their API transformation services allow companies to create innovative software opportunities.

“Our implementation partnership with Jitterbit creates a strategic advantage for our Latin America, Mexico region, and U.S. customers,” said Ortega. “The platform’s quick integration and fast realized ROI, combined with our team’s support and insight of how to implement the platform in enterprise, will allow businesses to maximize their efficiency further.”

The cooperative illustrates iTexico’s relentless commitment to exploring the best AI opportunities to capture new markets, grow revenue, enhance profitability, and expand brand reach. Equipped with five certified professionals in Jitterbit, the organization is ready to serve customers interested in tapping this technology.

Companies can explore the partnership and platform in action by registering for the upcoming Jitterbit-iTexico webinar, titled: “Intelligent Integration for Enterprise.” The educational and informative event will be held at 12 p.m. CDT Wednesday, March 28th. During the presentation, Jitterbit certified speakers Mark Charette, Shalini Arora, Andrew Leigh, and Lee Bautista will showcase specific solutions for how the platform is used to integrate enterprise applications.

“The presentation introduces our customers to the transformative power of APIs and integration,” said Ortega. “Webinar attendees will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to learn more about Jitterbit and how it connects SaaS, on-premise, and cloud apps.”

iTexico customers who would like to attend the “Intelligent Implementation for Enterprise” webinar may click here to register.

About iTexico

iTexico is devoted to providing dedicated software development teams as a service for Mobile, Web, Fullstack, API, Database, and Cloud. We provide end-to-end design, development, testing, and support services by leveraging an innovative nearshore model. With its headquarters in Austin, TX, as well as a wholly-owned software development and delivery center in Guadalajara and Aguascalientes, Mexico, iTexico has experienced significant growth every year for the last 6 years and maintains strong development partnerships with many startup, growth and large technology-driven companies, including Axway, Carbon Black, CHI, ESRI, IBM, and Microsoft. For more information, visit itexico, Nearshore Software Development Services

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