Mobile Developers: Official Titanium Training in Guadalajara - June


The pursuit of knowledge and pushing yourself to new horizons is a virtue that few possess. Luckly, here at iTexico, we have met many remarkable developers, designers and businessmen that thrive to become the best they can be when it comes to creating exciting mobile applications. It is so that our latest training class was a major success and after 3 days our students completed their certification training to become Titanium Certified Mobile Developers (TCAD).

The course, officially called “Building Native Mobile Apps”, included new topics and labs that talked about the just-released Appcelerator Cloud Services (formerly known as Cocoafish) and every major change and improvement included in Titanium 2.0. This class, which included 13 students, was given by one of our Titanium Certified Experts who accompanied them through their whole learning process.

As always, it is with distinctive pleasure that we present the list of attendees and new Titanium Certified Application Developers. Congratulations!

titanium guadalajara june

Neftalí Jáuregui
José Antonio García
Ivan López
Ernesto González
Brenda Möller
Carlos Hogado
Carolina López
Tomás García
Mario Ochoa
Paulina Águila
Fátima Ortega
Jesús Rolando

Become a Certified Mobile Developer

If you want to become a Titanium Certified Mobile Developer, we will be offering three more courses this year in Guadalajara, Mexico in July, August and September.

Please visit our training page for more information and registration.

titanium guadalajara mexico


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