Jalisco and iTexico – A Mutually Beneficial Collaboration

Several years ago, iTexico was one of the early adopters of the state of Jalisco as a center for technological innovation. By positioning resources, and eventually developing a full-fledged satellite operation, in Guadalajara, iTexico has been as much a catalyst of change in the state as it has been a beneficiary.


As such, the company recently was honored with the “Galardon Jalisco a la Exportacion,” bestowed upon enterprises that promote the Mexican state of Jalisco as a center of business.

The governor of the state of Jalisco, Aristoteles Sandoval Diaz, lauded iTexico for its commitment to positioning significant resources in Guadalajara, the largest city in Jalisco.

“Foreign investors keep looking at Jalisco, and that is...why we have to give credit to those companies that found the answer locally and at the same time helped them compete with the outside world,” said Gov. Aristoteles Sandoval Diaz, in awarding the honor.

iTexico has steadily grown its presence in Guadalajara as part of its “nearshoring” model, which employs Mexican resources in the efficient delivery of results to its vast client base. We at iTexico have offered significant insights about this model – you can read our latest blog on nearshoring here.

“The talent pool in Jalisco is enormous, and the high-tech ecosystem in the state continues to earn notice on the world technology scene,” said iTexico COO and Co-Founder Guillermo Ortega. “Our Guadalajara operations are a big reason why we are able to compete directly with the best technology firms in the world.”

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Oscar Salas

Written by Oscar Salas

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