Nearshore Outsourcing: Real-time Communication

Many companies that work with offshore services are suffering because of difficulty in communication, unproductive business hours trying to communicate to offshore firms, midnight calls, etc. While nearshoring offers real-time communication and viable business travel which are crucial for effective and efficient collaboration of projects. This is a critical element in engagements where online interaction is a must. Nobody needs to wake up early or stay up late at night to complete the task; after all it has a significant impact on productivity.

The ability to exchange information or conversation with others is crucial to the success of the individual, family or business organization. The ultimate goal of every form of communication – face-to-face meeting, telephone discourse, teleconferencing, video conferencing, interview, email, etc. – is to get an expected response in form of feedback from the receiver to the sender. This is what effective communication is about: ensuring that the information is well-packaged and properly transmitted so that the recipient understands the message and responds positively.

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The US culture is one of the most fast-paced in the world.  “Time is money” was coined by Benjamin Franklin in 1748.  He also said, “Lost time is never found again.”  the US is the country most oriented toward future and the least toward the past.  These factors have created a situation in which punctuality, strict deadlines, high speed of work, and constant change are essential features of the workplace. That’s the reason being in the same time zone matters when choosing between nearshore and offshore services.

Mexico’s closeness to the US means that compatible working-hours facilitate communication, enabling rapid development processes, besides travel is more convenient, affordable and comfortable. There are more flights from the US to Mexico than to any other country. Additionally, no visas are required for travel to Mexico, while the team from Mexico can also enjoy easy travel to US under NAFTA provisions. As a result, it becomes less expensive, easier to travel and communicate for the clients.


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This “Nearshore Plus” model of software development offers convenience at the core. 

  1. Cost-effectiveness 
  2. Flexibility
  3. Time savings
  4. Growing talent pool
  5. Access to domain knowledge
  6. Meeting expectations
  7. Scale-up team skills

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