Mobile development has changed dramatically in the past few years. Since the launch of Apple’s App Store in 2008, app development has become an entire new industry unto itself. Not only do apps need to adapt to new OS versions every year, they also need to evolve according to user behavior, business metrics, and increasing security issues. All of these represent millions of dollars of revenue at industry level. With this in mind, these are the top 5 mobile app development trends you need to watch out for in 2015:

top mobile development trends

1. Shorter development cycles.

Startups and mature companies alike need to deliver a working product as fast as possible. This is essential to finding a proper product-market fit as soon as possible, especially if they are burning money in the process. Time is of the essence, but quality cannot be sacrificed. This is where agile development steps in. This software development methodology is the only way to ensure fast delivery and iterations while keeping quality in check.

2. App security

Increasing security flaws as well as hacker attacks have made users weary of using new and existing apps which cannot ensure their privacy and security. Situations like the Heartbleed bug, made existing apps run for years without even noticing the security leaks they were exposed to. When it was finally noticed, millions of users across thousands of apps based on OpenSSL had to change their passwords, and hoped that their information hadn’t been breached. Be sure to run a thorough check of all servers, additional software or anything else that you might be using to build your app in order to ensure privacy for your users.  

3. Internet of things.

Amazon’s dash button to smart homes, IoT will be making our lives smarter and more communicative. Through the help of WiFi and beacons, the Internet of Things will render smarter choices for consumers and users. This is not sci-fi, this is pure reality reaching out to us one connected product at a time. While widespread adoption hasn’t started just yet, there is a need for cloud connected embedded devices.

4. Wearables. 

Although Google Glass may have encountered a few step backs with its early adopters, other wearables - especially smartwatches- have taken the spotlight. New app development languages and techniques are now necessary for developers to adapt to these tiny, smart new screens. The trend continues to pick up, especially since the launch of the Apple Watch.

5. Big data app analytics.

Big data is not just a buzzword, it’s business intelligence 101. Thanks to the rise of wearables and the Internet of things, getting data from consumer behavior has never been easier. Interpret this data and turn it into priceless intelligence to make smart business decisions. It’s not just about customer feedback, it’s also about learning from their behavior in real time, and iterate accordingly to render an amazing app.

In summary, the room for growth is massive. These trends will dictate your app’s success with user adoption and accurate business decisions. Fail to recognize one of these, and you may miss key windows of opportunity and customer satisfaction.

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Jay Ruiz Isaac

Jay Ruiz Isaac is iTexico's marketing manager. Before joining our team, he lived in Japan for 8 years and worked for an international business organization and advertising agency. He is passionate about digital strategy, marketing and mobile technology.

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