4 Ways to Get More App Downloads

After much planning and hard work developing your app, it has finally happened. Your product is out there and sitting in the app store waiting to be downloaded. With thousands of apps being released on a daily basis, apps need to make an impact to be noticed. Putting the developing of an app aside, getting users to download and use  your app is paramount.

According to comScore’s U.S. Mobile App Report in 2014, only 35% of mobile users download at least one app per month.. That means that building a valuable app is only half the battle. Almost all mobile users interact with apps on a daily basis, but they need them to be both useful and easy to find. Now, you must execute a solid promotion strategy to maximize your app downloads.

You are in pursuit of growing your product in an industry that never stands still. In fact, constantly reviewing industry insights will make it easier to reach your goal.

Here is our not-so-secret recipe:

Know your audience

Make a clear picture of an ideal user, their consumption habits, their likes, and how they use technology. The first and most important step is knowing your audience. If you’re trying to promote a paid app among a demographic that’s widely known for not spending money on apps, it’s time to return to the drawing board and rethink your strategy. This will help you determine the best places to target your potential users, be it through social media sites, forums, offline events, or any other medium. Use this valuable data and apply it into your marketing strategy to move along to the next steps.

Allocate resources

We learned this lesson from Everpix in late 2013. Leaving little to no money to sustain your company while investing only in product development is a common mistake; a great product just isn’t enough. Due diligence will help you allocate resources appropriately among relevant media to further boost your strategy. Organic downloads will be your most desirable goal, but this cannot be accomplished without investing at least some money and time in the beginning.



Create compelling promotional tools

Human beings are visual creatures. Any form of visual aid, whether it’s some graphics or even a video, will need to be visually attractive enough for your audience. Naturally, your promo materials will have to change depending on the type of medium you target. Remember that users will only appreciate quality materials that both tell a compelling story and resonate with them. Potential users need to see what the app does for them and how it works. As a result, communication happens both within the app and your marketing strategy .

Track your usage analytics efficiently

ComScore outlined the fact that an individual spends 42% of all smartphone app time on their most used app. In order to get more downloads, your current users should use your app as actively as possible. Using real-time analytics reporting should be top priority on your list. Monitoring both the application performance and usage across client devices will allow you to generate valuable data insights and potentially make changes and enhancements.

Building a user base is not easy but it cannot be an afterthought. Whether your app manages to climb to the top of the lists or gain more moderate success, gaining an online presence will maximize its return on investment. Remember that successful apps remain relevant because their creators update them regularly, by either providing bug fixes or new features. Keeping your product well-oiled with a razor sharp focus on reviews and feedback will make it easier to satisfy user’s demands and, in turn, help you maintain healthy app metrics.

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4 Ways to Get More App Downloads

Oscar Salas | Thu, Nov 23, 2017 @ 12:10 PM

4 Ways to Get More App Downloads

Oscar Salas | Thu, Nov 23, 2017 @ 12:10 PM

4 Ways to Get More App Downloads

Oscar Salas | Thu, Nov 23, 2017 @ 12:10 PM

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