White Papers: Nearshore Plus

Everything you need to learn more about Nearshore Plus with iTexico. Discover how eTaaS [Extended Teams as a Service] can help you with your mobile and cloud development strategies.

Mobile App Strategy

8 Steps to Create Your Mobile Strategy

Our recipe for a mobile strategy consists of eight steps you can take right now to plan, prioritize and map out a roadmap that will result in true and lasting benefits.

Fullstack development PDF

FullStack Development: The Essentials You Need to Bring Your App to Life

Download this guide and learn about FullStack Development and how tools such as NodeJS, Express, LoopBack, Angular and Bootstrap (among others) combined to help build robust mobile apps.

Nearshore mobile development

The Future of Mobile is Near… it’s in Nearshoring

As an alternative solution to offshore companies, nearshore has the advantages of shorter time, lower cost, shorter travel and more.

Software development MExico

Mexico, The Next Frontier for Collaborative Software and IT Services

Its proximity to the US makes Mexico an ideal, low-risk location where American companies can speed up their development while dramatically cutting cost.