iTexico Videos

Customers Talk About Their Experiences with iTexico

Some of our customers took the time to speak about their reasons for choosing iTexico as their software development partner and their experiences working with iTexico.

iTexico Customer Council

We were proud to host clients from across the U.S. for a two-day agenda of technical presentations, working sessions, client feedback and sightseeing.

Meet the Team!

One of our biggest strengths is our people and we make sure to have daily experiences that makes an excellent work environment.

This is Jalisco!

Jalisco is a land of opportunities and one of the largest and most important states in Mexico. 

iTexico team on The Value of Mexico's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Guillermo Ortega, Co-founder & COO of iTexico, and David Sandoval, the company's Creative Delivery Manager, explain how Mexico's focus on entrepreneurship is a strong part of the local culture.

iTexico Webinars

Learn more about Nearshore Plus outsourcing and how can it help to leverage your business. Mobile, multi-platform and cloud development strategies and more!

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The Benefits of Native Multi-Platform Development - Real World Examples

Mobile devices are becoming more important each day. It is expected that by 2016, 70% of employees will be using smartphones for their professional work place, and 90% of enterprises will need to support at least two platforms.

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7 Factors to Consider When Building Your Mobile Strategy

 As market trends continue to change, it’s important to keep your mobile strategies updated.

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Top iOS7 Enhancements keeping your Mobile App Relevant & Usable

iOS7 was a huge change in the interface and experience of iPhone & iPad. We covered the most important updates that affect all the apps.

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Accelerate Your Mobile Delivery: Meet the Nearshore Mexican Mobile App Experts - Webinar

With a growing IT presence, Mexico is moving into the spotlight as a viable option for outsourcing. How the extended Team as a Service works?